Japanese Naval Aces and Fighter Units in World War II Book Review

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Japanese Naval Aces and Fighter Units in World War II

By Ikuhiko Hata and Yasuho Izawa, Translated by Don Cyril Gorham

Hardcover in dustjacket, 432 pages, appendices, and index. Illustrated with photographs throughout.

Published by Naval Institute Press November 1989

Language: English

ISBN-10: 0-87021-3156

ISBN-13: 978-0-87021-3151

Dimensions: 7.3 x 1.4 x 10.3 inches

Even today, it is comparatively difficult to find detailed information about Japanese military units in the Second World War. The Pacific Theater was vast, the ocean or jungles swallowed up entire units with their ultimate fates being inferred only after the war by comparison with Allied records. Most original wartime records and photographs were ordered destroyed by the Japanese government, whether officially held or in private collections. This periodically results in the re-discovery of some lost detail of interest of historians and modelers, such as the recent revelation of the shape of the stern of the battleship…

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WW2 Movies Worth A Damn: The Railway Man (2013)

It’s no secret I am a Writer, Veteran and all around Military History Nut, but I am also somewhat of a amateur film enthusiast.

So when I come across a film(particularly a WW2 film) that I feel is worthwhile (which is not very often since as you know very FEW films that come out of socialist-pedo Hollyweird are worthwhile) I like to share them with my readers.

I was drawn to this movie both as a Veteran and WW2 Historian being that the film is based on the autobiographical book by Eric Lomax by the same title The Railway Man: A POW’s searing account of War, Brutality and Forgiveness.

This Movie also Tops my Memorial Day Movie List as well.

The Railway Man can be streamed for free HERE.

*As with all free streaming sites, I recommend you download some type of pop-up/Ad Blocking Software (like UBlock Origin) before viewing.

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World War II History: New Book Shows That Operation Sealion Could Have Knocked Britain Out Of The War


It’s Startling How Close the Nazis Came to Invading Britain

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A New book suggest the German could have invaded Great Britain as early as 1940, which in no uncertain terms could have changed the outcome of the War. I have not read the book, but if this did occur I guess it begs the question: Would Hitler still have invaded Russia in 1941? I say No and if that was the case, Germany would have been in a much stronger position fighting just a one front versus a two front war.

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