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Romanian helmets of WW2

Adrian helmets

During the First World War battles Romania suffered heavily in infantries due to a big number of servicemen wounded in the head. So following an example of other countries at war in the Romanian Army, they came to a conclusion that it was necessary to equip their soldiers with battle helmets. To accomplish this, they purchased 90000 Adrian helmets (Le casque Adrian M1915) in France, and in the spring of 1917 they were already accepted for service. The helmets were painted in grey and blue color, an oval emblem with King Ferdinand I’s monogram was attached at the front – two crowned “F” characters. After Carol II came to power, the front emblem was replaced by a variant with a new leader monogram – two crowned “C” characters.

Helm Model 1916 for Romanian Army

Helm Model 1916 for Romanian Army

A 1916 model was also used at WW2 battles. For…

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