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Alberto Bayo y Giroud was a Cuban-born officer who fought in the civil war in Spain and the revolution in Cuba.

He was responsible for training the small cadre that would land on the island in 1956 and which included Ernesto Guevara and the Castro brothers. This volume is drawn from his experience gained over the years of fighting that would topple the Batista regime, as well as lessons he learned during his famous marine assault on Majorca in 1936. It is a culmination of a lifetime of combat leadership. This book is a product of the post-revolutionary period in Cuba, during which the fledgling state attempted to export their uprising to the rest of Latin America. It was intended as a practical guide for those interested in starting their own guerrilla units, detailing the organization of such a group and the first offensive actions that should be taken against the state. We believe books that exist only for “historical interest” are bourgeois trivialities, and so we’ve taken the liberty of re-writing certain sections of this work in order to provide an updated picture. We hope to preserve its practical function as a guerrilla guidebook, as well as to present an accessible version free of the typos and translation errors that characterize other free copies.

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Anti-Communist Book of the Month

One Day in the Life of Ivan Denisovich


While you are here it would not hurt to re-read one of the best articles Revolver has written in the past few years, Are You Ready to be an American Kulak?


The Third Barnhardt Axiom

The Third Barnhardt Axiom


Barnhardt Axiom #1: If you can’t stand in front of it and physically defend it with a rifle, then it isn’t really yours, and probably never was.

Barnhardt Axiom #2: The culture has degraded such that seeking and/or holding office, especially national-level office, is, in and of itself, proof that a given person is psychologically and morally unfit to hold public office.

BARNHARDT AXIOM #3: If full-on kinetic World War 3 breaks out, the worst possible outcome for humanity would be that the former-US/Washington DC regime win.

You Don’t Want To Be A Star On Someone Else’s Flag



You Don’t Want To Be A Star On Someone Else’s Flag


“For the individual, it starts when you realise and accept that you are not free and you live in a sham democracy. The next step is a no-brainer. You either accept the problem and do something about it, or you pretend it’s not happening, you bury your head in the sand, and avoid confrontation. Throughout history, apathy is the main reason that tyrannies thrive, and liberties succumb to abuse.”

Long Live the Sovereign Republic of Texas!



Breaking the “Rules” to Save Lives



Greenwood Park Mall had policy against weapons ahead of Sunday shooting

Grateful for his heroism’: Man stopped Indiana mall shooter in 15 seconds

I wrote a short essay a while back entitled “Are You Prepared to be an Outlaw?” in response to increasing corrupt legal pressure on Law Abiding Gun Owners.

When unjust people populate the corridors of power, their “Laws” are just another weapon for them to execute their immoral will.

Carry 24/7 or Guess Right and Yes that includes Places such as Gun Free Zones!

This man’s willingness to STAY ARMED and not allow some Dipshit Mall Executive to DENY him his CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT TO BE ARMED, SAVED LIVES!