In Memoriam: 76th Anniversary of D-Day

On sad 76th anniversary, few mourn D-Day dead in Normandy

Take time out today to remember and honor all those who gave their lives so that others may be Free 76 Years ago today.

Strive to Be the Type of American they Died For.

Know Your History: Was Hitler’s Ho 299 the First True Stealth Fighter?

The Nazi invention wasn’t exactly a “stealth” fighter, but it did share a certain idea. by Sebastien Roblin Key point: The plane never took over. However, it did accidentally stumble upon how a certain shape can help reduce a plane’s radar signature. Northrop Grumman revealed this year it is developing a second flying wing […]

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Know Your WW2 History: 51st and 52nd Panzer Battalions

Panthers were supplied to form Panzer Abteilung 51 (Tank Battalion 51) on 9 January, and then Pz.Abt. 52 on 6 February 1943. The first production Panther tanks were plagued with mechanical problems. The engine was dangerously prone to overheating and suffered from connecting rod or bearing failures. Gasoline leaks from the fuel pump or carburetor, […]

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