Madeleine Albright has Passed Away

Digital Empire

I did a write up on Madeleine Albright a couple years ago. In 2016 to be exact. It was a poorly written post, but that’s generally how it is. I’m terrible at writing essays.

Normally, I wouldn’t say anything about high profile politicians dying, but this one is a special case. Albright was a final boss. One of the heads of the hydra. Satan’s spawn, only rivalling John McCain in the absolute depths of despicability with which she dealt her deeds while acting as the Secretary of State.

I could have celebrated John McCain’s death every year, on the dot, on this blog, but I’m not that big of an asshole, and I have a little bit more decency than your average Reddit activist, but with Madeleine Albright, there is a potential there for me to make an exception.

You see, Albright and McCain both held enormous sums of power…

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FUSA Bulletin: Digital Currency Coming Soon

Programmable Digital Currency


While all the Sheep are Distracted with Ukraine and Putin, the Wolves in D.C. are plotting the DEMISE of what’s left of FUSA and the U.S. Dollar.

A veritable SHIT STORM is about to hit this Country folks.

Hope you got a Raincoat.




The War on Whites Continue in South Africa

February Farm Attacks In South Africa: Murdered, Strangled, Wounded, Robbed, And Children, Even Toddlers, Tied Up By Robbers.


South Africa has always been a bellwether if you will of racial reality in the modern world, particularly when it comes to governments populated with black marxist with anti-white ideologies.

What is happening there to these white farmers is more criminal than anything happening in Ukraine, I assure you.

Stand Up to the Rising of the Anti-White Tide.


Timeline of the Replacement Migration agenda [Short post]

Never forget what the end game is all about.

Survival is Paramount!



1. Intro
2. Timeline
3. Extra reading

1. Intro

Here’s a short timeline of the Replacement Migration agenda, covering each key component, with extra links for more information. There are other aspects not listed here, this is just a brief summary.

2. Timeline

[1] 1920s-70s:
Explicitly anti-White ideologies are formalized and spread throughout Western academia (Western Marxism, Critical Race Theory, Marxist “anti-imperialism” etc.).

[2] 1933-45:
Western and Eastern Globalists collaborate to destroy nationalism in Europe and found the New World Order, fronted by the United Nations. This establishes a new political and moral paradigm, with (European) nationalism as the ultimate evil (brown nationalism is lauded and championed) and the “diversification” of European countries as the ultimate good.

[3] 1950s-70s:
The “Civil/Human Rights” revolution legally enshrines anti-White politics under the guise of “equality” and enforces multiracialism and integration by banning racial “discrimination.”

[4] 1960s-70s:
Policies to intentionally destroy White birth…

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