The Gubmint Will Stop at Nothing to Promote their Anti-White Racial Narrative

Maryland’s New Emmett Till Alert System Issues Its First Alert at ‘Severe’ Level


So the “Caucus of African American Leaders” (kind of like a Black Better Business Bureau) with the aid and I am sure the financing of Biden’s WOKE-stapo set off their first False Alarm with their new version of a Racial Amber Alert System in Maryland, named after a Black rapist who was hung in 1955.

Of course the alert was “Severe” because those dangerous MAGA White Supremacist were attempting to shoot up daycares or blow up churches, right?


They activated it because of an anonymous threat that was made by some whacko, or did they? No one really knows.

The only thing that matters here is the False Narrative that White Supremacy is the biggest Domestic Threat continues to be enforced.

The truth is the FACTS and STATISTICS regarding Active Shooter incidents and Violence against Blacks is overwhelmingly clear:

Blacks are committing the majority of Active Shooter attacks and Blacks are committing over 60% or more of all known murders.

If Blacks truly had any sense of self-preservation they would create a Black on Black Violence Alert in all ghettos and urban war-zones (Eastern American Cities) but hey it’s easier just to blame Whitey and take his Federal taxpayer money, right?