Know Your White History: Wergeld


This thread is all about your legal options if you were to travel back in time to medieval Europe and murder someone. It’s also about measuring the decline of the extended family and the origins of English individualism. On Bertha Phillpotts’ “Kindred and Clan in Past Time”.

Say as an example you traveled back in time to 14th century Sweden and murdered somebody. This is who and what you would have to pay: plaintiff 7 marks, King 4 marks, parents 2 marks, brothers 1 mark, 1st cousin 1/2 mark, 2nd cousin 1/4th, 3rd cousin 1/8th.

The old Germanic name for this custom is wergeld. The wergeld gets mocked as barbaric, but understand that the fine to be paid was huge. In early laws it was often set at 200 gold solidi, which Seebohm thought was the equivalent value of 100 cattle, the original Germanic fee.





Know Your WW2 History: The Third Reich’s Biggest Mistake

The Third Reich’s Biggest Mistake


The past cannot be changed. Nonetheless, it can be used to learn a valuable lesson: The only possibility to win is to do the right thing; that is, to incorporate all white peoples equally into the Revolution, and the subsequent future White Union, making a clear distinction between the subjugated peoples and the elite that dominates them and to treat all sister ethnicities as what they are. At a time of struggle for the survival of the Race, any past grudges are like arguing about greyhounds and hounds — or, as the Byzantines did, about the sex of angels.



A Time to Move and a Time to Dig Trenches

Know Your Southern History: Major General Patrick Cleburne, CSA

Cleburne Part I: The Making of an Irish-Southern Nationalist

The following is a four-part series on the life of Major General Patrick Cleburne, C.S.A. It derives heavily from two sources, “Cleburne and His Command,” by Captain Irving A. Buck, C.S.A., (1908), and “Stonewall of the West: Patrick Cleburne & the Civil War,” by Professor Craig L. Symonds, Lieutenant U.S.N.R., (1997).  For the sake of brevity in a blog article, citations will refer to last name and page reference.



The Washington D.C Snipers After 20 Years: Don’t Mention The Botched Racial Profiling

The Washington D.C Snipers After 20 Years: Don’t Mention The Botched Racial Profiling


If the Cops botched racial profiling 20 years ago, consider how much more likely they will botch it today with the radical anti-white agenda preaching that White Supremacist/Domestic Terrorist are lurking around every corner!

Prepare Accordingly.