FUSA Bulletin: The Blackwashing Continues

Two White Characters In MASTERS OF THE UNIVERSE Cartoon Turned From White To Black Because You Can’t Have “Just Giant, White Blond Dudes” To Celebrate Anymore


It seems nothing is safe from Woke Blackwashing.

First Neflix aka Netsux turned a White Viking King into a Black Negress and now they are going after a beloved 1980’s cartoon.

Because you know we can’t have giant, blond white dudes saving the galaxy and being Masters of the Universe, can we?

Blackwashing infects every aspect of our society because all of our myths, legends and even Saturday morning cartoons reflected our past and the fact our civilization was once about whiteness and promoting whiteness.

Now? It’s about de-emphasizing whiteness and inserting blackness where it never existed.

Even in Eternia. Even in Masters of the Universe.


The Strategic Virtues of Racism

The Strategic Virtues of Racism

“Racism is nothing more, and nothing less, than the defense of one’s own people. It has nothing to do with skin color, hate, or any of the other globalist lies. To be anti-racist, to smugly declare that “you don’t see color”, is to literally and materially accede to the conquest and destruction of your self, your family, and your nation.”


Reject Modernity. Reject Wokeness.

Love Your Race.


Article of the Week: You People Are Easily Trolled

You People Are Easily Trolled

There is a principle in Training (Physical and Tactical) I learned a long time ago while in the military that still serves me today.

In order to grow and become the BEAST you dream of, you have to STOP training with drills that are easy and just pet your ego and START training with drills that challenge you. Why? The point of training is to get better, to Sharpen the Blade. Failure in training is just an opportunity to learn. Better to Fail in training than in Real Life.

As the saying goes “The More You Sweat in Training, the Less you Bleed in Combat.”

Apply this to the Modern Day Dissident Right Movement.

If all we do is surround ourselves with articles, memes and people that pet our ego’s or reinforce failed, unrealistic ideals then we are DEFEATED because our enemies have TROLLED US into thinking we are doing Something that matters when in essence all we have been doing is running in place like a hamster on a wheel.

There is no bigger failure in Combat from a Tactical POV than to let the ENEMY dictate the Tempo of the Fight.

That is exactly what is happening right now with the Left’s renewed Propaganda push using January 6th as their anchor and Clarifying Event.

Spread this article far and wide!

What is American Nationalism?

What is American Nationalism?


One of the best articles I have read thus far distinguishing what TRUE American Nationalism is about:

If Americans are a white ethnicity, then White Nationalists in America should be American nationalists, just as White Nationalists in Hungary are Hungarian nationalists, White Nationalists in Poland are Polish Nationalists, White Nationalists in Quebec are Quebecois nationalists, and so forth.

What is the message of White Nationalists who take up the banner of true American nationalism?

Basically, it is the same message as White Nationalists everywhere: Race is real, ethnicity is real, and racial and ethnic diversity within the same country is not a strength but a weakness: a source of alienation, friction, inefficiency, cultural debasement, long-simmering resentments, and even hatred and violence. Therefore, the best way to ensure peace between different ethnic groups, as well as to afford them maximum latitude for independent development, is to create sovereign homelands for all peoples who desire to control their own destinies. Since Americans are a distinct white ethnicity, American nationalism means turning America into a homogeneously white homeland.

Prepare Accordingly!