A Time to Dig Trenches

A Time to Dig Trenches


Really awesome article.

We here in the West could take a few pointers from the White Solidarity movement going on in South Africa!

They have established an organization solely for Afrikaners (AfriForum) based on the principles of autonomy and pragmatism that provides a vast array of support services normally reserved for local and state government, which of course have failed Afrikaners miserably.

The time has come for Western communities to stop running and start digging trenches!

These trenches will have to be dug in the field of parallel institutions and in the ground of identity and the mountains of heritage.

This is the Way.



Why Multiculturalism Always Fails

Good Stuff.


Many people believe in universal group unity where all humans under the right social conditions can live in peace and harmony with no occurrence of violence hatred or suffering.  All human divisions, they believe, are caused by irrational hate and malice that is generated by ordnance and so the only way forward for humanity is the amalgamation and unity of all humans in one place which will eventually lead to a sense of universal love among all humans where world peace will finally be achieved.  

Truth Giver of Humanity

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Racial Reality 101

Nigeria Bans White Models From Appearing in Commercials


Gotta love 21st Century racial hypocrisy.

Of course they have to BAN White Women in Commercials in Africa, why?

Because they show the VAST disparity between the races when it comes to BEAUTY!


Put a five foot ten Nordic Blonde with Blue Eyes up against a Dirty Dindu with big lips, a bullet head and tits that drag the ground because she has had ten children before she was 20 and you will see what I mean.


Anti-White is not a “Far-Right Illusion”

Totally Deep


They are now openly writing books about getting rid of WHITE PEOPLE folks.

And it is being OPENLY Accepted and Applauded.

Anti-White is NOT a “Far-Right Illusion”

It is fast becoming POLICY.

Time to Wake Up and Fight.