The White Threat

You ever notice that every WHITE person in a movie or TV series currently (what few there are) will almost always either be:

A. Married to a person of color

B. Have kids that are Not White

C. Have friends of Color

D. Be Gay and Dating a Person of Color (Apparently even Gay White Men prefer Non-White partners?)

Gone are the days where White people can have a White Spouse, White Kids, White Friends and Be Heterosexual, because you know that’s just too normal.

Reject Modernity. Reject Wokeness. Reject the Anti-White Agenda.

Embrace your Culture and Race and Never be Ashamed of Who You Are.





Know Your History: Carolina Celts and the American Revolution



In sum, it is hard to look at the South’s experience during the American Revolution as anything but extraordinary.  This article provides a minor glimpse into the most exciting and often forgotten theater.  Yankee mythology effectively frames the American Revolution in the following way: Tea Party, Minute Men at Lexington and Concord, Bunker Hill, Declaration of Independence, Washington Crosses the Delaware, Valley Forge, Saratoga, and finally Yorktown.  In fact, there is no United States without the humble and fierce Carolina Celt.

More Southerners need to explore that part of their history, too, and reclaim their rightful place of honor.


Racial Reality: Two from Across the Pond

A Dire Report from the Isles of my Ancestors

White Irish Minority in Dublin


Irish people are now a minority in 2/3 of North Inner City Dublin. Most major cities in the Western world have been ethnically cleansed of White people.


British Propaganda Shows Europeans As Violent Rapists and Blacks As “Saviors of White Women”


British T.V. Propaganda has taken a hard Anti-White turn lately, especially in British T.V. Crime Series.

Instead of being the Rapist, now Blacks and Brown Immigrants are “Saving” White Women from Rape?

Black and Brown Immigrant “Grooming Gangs” are still rampant in the U.K. Folks, so don’t believe the Fairy Tales.

Stand Up to the Rising of the Tide.


Wayne Hansen