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Celebrating White History and Culture Every Day of the Year: Mythology – Aryan Theory

Mythology — Aryan Theory


All languages, it is assumed, have passed, or will pass, through these three stages of growth and decay; and the modern languages of the great Aryan family are in the third stage. Of the Aryan family of languages, the Sanscrit, is the oldest known, and this system of roots and growths, the principle on which letters change, and the framework of the whole science, existed centuries ago amongst the sages of the East, where writings have been discovered, read, and adopted, by modern philosophers.


My Southern WHITE Heritage: “Ain’t” ain’t what you think it is

“Ain’t” ain’t what you think it is


Attempts by “elites” to change our language are no different than attempts to take down our flags, our monuments or to teach the Yankee version of why the South seceded.

It is an assault on our Heritage and our culture.

It’s a part of an ongoing and generations-old attempt to make all Americans over in the Yankee image. To make us forget who we are. Like most other leftist initiatives, it is also birthed in pure “ignorance.”


Know Your History, Be Proud of your History!



Know Your White History: A Few Great, Often Forgotten White Moments

Since this is Black History Month (how can we forget?), it is important (since there is no White History month) to pay tribute to the humble contributions that White folks have made to our culture and to Western Civilization.

I don’t want to risk bragging by enumerating the obvious and blaring it out like some…

A Few Great, Often Forgotten White Moments — The Occidental Observer