4.5%, and the Demographics of American Murder



The number that summarizes the past 2.5 years of post-BLM life in America. But why?

  1. 4.5% of Black Males will commit murder in their lifetime as of 2021, if we choose to do nothing about the ongoing epidemic of violence.

  2. 4.4% to 7.2% of yearly Black Male deaths are homicides every single year, with no exceptions, since at least 1968. Over 90% of these are Black Male-on-Black Male.

  3. 4.35% is the backward-looking 60-year murder victimization rate of Black Males age 15-74, based on the 410,000 actual murder victims since 1968.

  4. These are the low-end of what the rates could be in reality, given the large number of “unknowns” in the FBI data and the large number of “indeterminate” violent deaths coded by the CDC.

  5. Whatabout repeat offenders, you ask? The most extreme assumptions can bring the 4.5% down to as low as 3.3%. I ask: does that change our conclusions? Do we continue decarceration on the off-chance that only 3.3% will commit murder?


Meanwhile in South Africa…

Ambushed, Beaten, Gagged And Robbed, Shot In The Face… And Murdered—February Farm Attacks In South Africa


This “crime report” reads more like an after action report in wartime.

These things are happening on a routine basis over there to include daily Blackouts.

We used to say South Africa was a “racial harbinger” but now we are witnessing the same kind of overt violence toward whites right here in FUSA.

Prepare Accordingly.



Any Diversity Means National Decline


Any Diversity Means National Decline


When diversity becomes a method to change the demographic character of a nation for political effect, it becomes a weapon of coup d’état.

Nations that suffer such a coup d’état effectively cease to exist as nations. When a nation is no longer worth living in, that nation is no longer considered worth dying for.

When your nation’s army dies, then you are watching your nation die.

Anyone well-schooled in Conservative lore has read their Patrick J. Buchanan. Thus, the current, ongoing demise of Diversamerika comes as no surprise.

Buchanan warned us that a nation could be united by three factors; a common language, a common religion, or a common race.

A massive influx of unfiltered diversity predictably destroys all three.

Amerika is not a nation worth living for, it is not a nation worth dying for.

It will ultimately no longer be a place that you can safely survive in the womb.

Diversity is not the strength of our nation. Instead, it is the well-spring of our ineffable damnation.





Black on White Violence: White South Carolina Mother Shot in Back with Infant in Car in Supermarket Parking Lot by Black Woman

H/T Lenny Ladner


South Carolina mother shot to death in front of young children in Kroger parking lot


Black on White Violence continues to spiral out of control not just in the War Zone Northern and Eastern Cities but also in the South.

Arthur Sido’s post about this tragedy is definitely worth a look:

Around Blacks, Never Relax.

Prepare Accordingly.

Whitey Need Not Apply

H/T EatGruelDog



North Carolina Charity Backtracks, Opens Grant Program to White People

You typically find this type of BS in College and State University Grants as well, you just have to read the fine print.

Stay Aware and Prepare Accordingly.