Black on White Crime: Her Name Is Allison Parker

Her Name Is Allison Parker: White Nurse Murdered In Front Of Her Daughter While Trying To Help Black Mass Shooter Who Crashed His Car During Memphis Facebook Livestreaming Melee


All of this recent political divison rhetoric is a SMOKE SCREEN, a DISTRACTION from the real facts, which are:

Black Crime is rampant and Anti-White sentiment is being openly fostered and encouraged by every level of Government.

All of this equals one thing: Increased Violence against Whites.

Prepare Accordingly.




ONCE AGAIN, in a delirious address, Biden professes his nefarious intent to divide and conquer. Biden pursues to segregate “mainstream Republicans” from “MAGA Republicans,” portraying the latter as intolerableallies or collaborators in our democracy. In a lapse of self-awareness, Biden claims those who criticize him or question the elections “Do not respect the Constitution” and “Do not believe in the rule of law or recognize the will of the people.”

Meanwhile in Memphis, two Negro killers are terrorizing the White residents. The first negro was a 19-year-old named Ezra Kelly, who carried out a string of shootings. Residents had been urged to stay indoors during the search. But most notably, a negro thug named Cleotha Abston abducted, raped, and brutally murdered Eliza Fletcher, an elementary school teacher and a White Mother Of Two White Boys who was jogging in Memphis, a city that is 64% negro. This vicious…

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FUSA Bulletin: Memphis Blacks boast about plans to shoot Whites: “I hope y’all ready”…

Memphis Blacks boast about plans to shoot Whites: “I hope y’all ready”…


The Truth About Hate Crimes in America

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Do you Need a Better Reason to Stay Armed 24/7?

Prepare Accordingly

FUSA Bulletin: Another Week of Unreported White Genocide

His Name Is Timothy Reynolds: White Man Murdered By Blacks In Baltimore For Daring To Resist Lawless Squeegee Kids Protected By Black Elected Officials In 70% Black City


Her Name Is Jailene Holton: Black Male Mad He Couldn’t Play Pool, Opens Fire on Bar in Philadelphia and Murders White 21-year-old Designated Driver for Friends


Please share this with as many people as you can so these two Wonderful White Individuals will not be forgotten.

Black on White Violence is at an all time unprecedented high in this country and the Anti-White Govt. and MSM are working hard to ensure it goes either Under-Reported and Downplayed or Ignored completely altogether.

Stand up to the Rising of the Tide.