A Very White Thing to Do

Man Hunts Down Thief with Police, Takes Justice Into Own Hands with Shock Decision

This video is over a week old and was brought to my attention by my son, who is a fan of this guy’s YT Channel.

Bottom line, the thief COULD have gone to jail very easily but thankfully he stole from a decent and forgiving White Man.

I wanted to post this to make the point: WHITE FOLKS need to stop Stealing from each other!

It’s obvious the thief stole just for the hell of it (while under the influence of narcotics and alcohol by his own admission).

I mean look at the thief’s house and that huge detached garage! It wasn’t like he NEEDED any of that shit!

If we are going to make any headway in this lost society folks, WHITE needs to be CIVIL to WHITE and that means respecting their property!

I Live in a very rural WHITE area and I hate to think I could not trust my neighbors!

Carry Yourself like a WHITE MAN and don’t STEAL Like the Dindu’s or Wetbacks!