Two Rode Together

Oliver Loving and Charles Goodnight made history in 1866, and 120 years later Larry McMurtry made them legends


The story of Loving and Goodnight influenced Texas Western writer Larry McMurtry to write one of the most authentic and influential western saga’s of our time, Lonesome Dove.



In Memoriam: L.Q. Jones

L.Q. Jones Obituary

I apologize for not getting this memorial up sooner as I know L.Q. passed away last July, but we have been losing so many of the “old guard” it’s hard to keep up!

Fellow Texan L.Q. (Born in Beaumont) was one of my favorite supporting western actors and was a consummate professional in every movie he played in.

Three movies of his that I will always remember him by is Lone Wolf McQuade, Pat Garrett and Billy the Kid and The Wild Bunch (Some of my favorite scenes are shown below).

You were one of a Kind L.Q.

See You in the High Country…