Bovard: Did Maryland Police Shoot and Kill a Sleeping Man?

This is a really Troubling Story.

Western Rifle Shooters Association


Fun ties ahead.

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Big Pimping: How American Parents Turn Their Daughters Out

I am gonna warn you now, Take a stomach pill before reading. 🤢😷😵

Western Rifle Shooters Association

This will end well.

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Reading For The Near Future

I highly recommend going over to WRSA and spending some time reading through their reference reading materials on GW and 4GW.

It would be time better spent than reading fake news and fear mongering I assure you.


Western Rifle Shooters Association

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End State — Times 57

Western Rifle Shooters Association

Read Herschel.

Then read Aesop.

Then get working.


9 or 12 – your choice.

Capable of mutual support with other like-minded folks.

Or division into two-man teams.

Times 1000.

In each state.





Able to do each.

Able to teach each.

Followship and leadership.

Supporting (discreetly) a state-level no-compromise Second Amendment political organization.

In every state.

And across regions.

The Reds are serious.

Are you?


If you want something you’ve never had, you must be willing to do something you have never done.

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The reality show wherein good-think Whites battle bad-think Whites

As a White, Conservative, Male writer I found this article ON POINT!


3rd-Wave Housewifery

Yale is a bellwether of sorts. Four years ago faculty and students made international headlines complaining about how White, Male – and of course Dead – all the poets in “Major English Poets” were, not to mention in the English Department as a whole. Time to “de-colonize.” Now they’re doing the same, more or less, with their ubiquitous Art History “survey” course.

So today, what to my wondering eyes should appear? An L.A. Times article proving that even having the normally magical girly-genitalia (plus endorsements from even more magical Brown ladies named Oprah and Salma) wasn’t enough to immunize the White gal who wrote “American Dirt.”

It wasn’t that many years ago when White authors were chastised for their stories’ lack of…





and Gay characters and cultural dilemmas -slash-settings.

Soon thereafter we were further whipped for our lack of…





and XYZ folk…

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Go Forward Suggestions

Enough with the Rallies and Cute 2A Memes, it’s now time to change things so shit like this does not happen again.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Western Rifle Shooters Association

H/t to SiGB for this Borepatch piece.

NBF had a phrase relevant to the Approaching Spiciness as well.

Forrest skeer

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