Joe Galloway – Ia Drang Valley


Joe died last year at the age of 79.

Joseph Galloway was a civilian reporter at the Battle of Ia Drang. He co-authored the book We Were Soldiers Once… And Young with Hal Moore. The book was later adapted into the 2002 film We Were Soldiers. Although he was a civilian, Galloway was awarded the Bronze Star medal for helping to rescue wounded soldiers during the battle. He is most recently the co-author of the 2020 book They Were Soldiers: The Sacrifices and Contributions of Our Vietnam Veterans with Marvin J. Wolf.

This interview was recorded in November 2015.

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In Memoriam: Joseph L. Galloway

Journalist Joe Galloway, chronicler of Vietnam War, dies


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Galloway was the quinessential Combat Correspondent and an amazing writer to boot.

He was one of the few to chronicle the War in Vietnam without political prejudice or bias.

Galloway was decorated with a Bronze Star Medal with V in 1998 for rescuing wounded soldiers under fire during the la Drang battle. He is the only civilian awarded a medal of valor by the U.S. Army for actions in combat during the Vietnam War.

Heroes never die — Cold Fury

Amazing Story.

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Where does America find such men? Britain, apparently. Within the hour, she was pouring him coffee. He said that his name was Rick Rescorla, and he seemed eager to talk—so eager that Susan doubted he was paying much attention to her end of the conversation. (She was later surprised to learn that he remembered everything…

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