More Anti-White Nonsense from White Guilt Heavyweights


How White Crime Writers Justified Police Brutality


Shut down all police movies and TV shows. Now.


Gimme a Damn Break.

And I will save you the suspense: Both of these educated idiots write for those two bastions of truth and justice, The New York Times and The Washington Post and yes, both are White Upper-Crust Millennials with Degrees in Humanities and minors in White Guilt and Basket Weaving from Yale.

This is the absolute height of Cultural Marxism (ie Polite Tyranny) and the bad news is it’s not gonna stop anytime soon until these Marxist assholes are put in their place.

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4GW: Waging War Without Firing a Shot

Americans Evacuate From US Consulate In China After Debilitating Sonic Attacks


The quicker you educate yourself about the tenets of Fourth Generation Warfare (particularly economic warfare) the quicker you will understand how America’s enemies are waging war against us without ever firing shot in anger.

Regardless if what occurred was the result of Audio Surveillance or a directed Sonic Attack, the result is the same: American citizens being harmed.


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Crusader Corner: 44+ Afghan Soldiers Missing in U.S.


Pentagon Says Dozens Of Afghan Soldiers Missing In U.S.

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Now here is one you will definitely not hear about on state run media.

44 or more afghan soldiers with American military training are roaming around the United States right now illegally.

Now if you keep up with the current state of the War in Afghanistan right now (yeah there is still a War going on) you know that the type of people that populate the Afghan Military are not exactly what you would call “stable and loyal”, in fact a majority of them are insider plants loyal only to the Taliban and are just itching to do their part for their jihad against America.

Bottom line, with the Syrian refugee debacle and this combined, we have a Government who imports possible terrorist into this country and then has a habit of losing track of them.

Statistically speaking, we are ripe for another big disaster.

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Cartel Corner #94: Crooked Cop Executed by Mexican Mafia in Texas


A crooked cop’s execution-style killing in Texas exposes the ruthless inner workings of the Mexican Mafia

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It always amazes me the stupidity of crooks (either straight up crooks or crooks pretending to be cops) advertising themselves on social media. #Dumb-ass of the Year Award.

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Military News: Five U.S. Troops Wounded in A-Stan

With the Political circus going on, it is easy to forget we still have TROOPS IN CONTACT all over the globe. Do what you can to Help, like becoming a Morale Booster or sending a nice, fat  Care Package. -SF


Five U.S. Special Operations troops, fighting alongside their Afghan counterparts, were wounded recently while battling Islamic State militants in Afghanistan’s Nangahar province, the top U.S. general there said Thursday.

Speaking to reporters from Kabul, U.S. Army Gen. John W. Nicholson Jr. said that the troops had been wounded from small-arms fire and shrapnel in the past week. He did not specify when exactly the injuries occurred. Two of the service members have already returned to their unit, while the three others had been evacuated out of Afghanistan, though their injuries are not life-threatening, Nicholson said.

The troops came under fire during what Nicholson called “clearing operations” as U.S. and Afghan troops pushed into southern Nangahar following a series of airstrikes.

In January, President Obama gave additional authorities to ground commanders in Afghanistan, allowing them to target the growing cell of Islamic State fighters in the country’s east. At the time, their presence was estimated to be around 3,000 fighters, though Nicholson says he believes that number has been cut in half in the past six months following Afghan-led offensive operations supported by U.S. troops and airstrikes.

“It’s a very dynamic battlefield down there … but we think we’ve reduced their numbers very significantly,” Nicholson said.

Nicholson added that a majority of the Islamic State fighters in Afghanistan, roughly 70 percent, are former Pakistani Taliban members who had joined the Islamic State earlier this year.

Despite shrinking numbers and a loss of territory, the Islamic State carried out a suicide bombing in Kabul over the weekend that killed more than 80.

The joint U.S.-Afghan offensive operations against the Islamic State are just one part of a broader 2016 battle plan in Afghanistan, Nicholson said, one that involves widespread offensive operations against the Taliban, the Islamic State and other terrorist groups in the country.

Because of the uptick in operations, Afghan casualties are trending 20 percent higher than they were in 2015, Nicholson said. Additionally, U.S. forces have taken advantage of new authorities granted by Obama that allow for more leeway when it comes to advising and clearing airstrikes to better assist Afghan forces on the offensive. Nicholson said that since Obama approved the new authorities in June, the U.S. coalition in Afghanistan has conducted 40 airstrikes in support of their Afghan allies.

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