A Warrior’s Lament

I gotta be honest here folks, at this very moment the Tactical Hermit is a bit LOW.

I mean, is this the America I travelled halfway around the world to fight for?

Is this the America our ancestors, our Grandfathers, our Uncles, Fathers, Mothers, Sons and Daughters died to save?

I think Not.

This is an Ugly, Repressive, Dishonest Bucket of Shit is what this is.

But Honestly, what did we expect out of a bunch of damn COMMUNIST?

Think about it, If the assholes would go as far as to stage fake racial hate crimes and blame TRUMP, loot and pillage stores in the name of “Social Justice” and fighting against “Systemic Racism” (Because of TRUMP), Cook up fantastic stories of Russian Collusion while at the same time sit (or HIDE) mountains of evidence against Obama for election tampering and Hunter Biden’s Laptop treasure trove of treason?

Don’t you think that at the moment of truth, when all the marbles were up for grabs, that they would commit ELECTION FRAUD to get their pervy senile socialist puppet in the White House?

Hell Yeah they would!!

Just look at Venezuela as a historical imperative for election fraud and how LOW Socialist will go in the 21st century to secure public office.

Not Pretty.

But neither was the proceeding public outcry and RIOTS.

We as Patriots need to make up our minds right now whether we are going to ALLOW this ILLEGAL Bullshit or are we going to stand with President Trump and FIGHT?

I made up my mind a while back when I saw the Communist writing on the wall.

I hope you have too.

Lock and Load and Pass the Folgers.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!