Ernie Pyle: War Correspondent And A GI’s Best Friend

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Pyle was an American Treasure and the Gold Standard of what American Journalism USED to be.


H/T War History OnLine.

R.I.P. Ernie Pyle the best friend a G.I. ever had.

Ernie Pyle was considered the foremost war correspondent in America during the Second World War. His distinctive writing style and relationships with those on the front provided him with a unique perspective on the war effort. This not only earned him national recognition, but the respect of the troops he wrote about.

Yearning for adventure

Ernie Pyle was born in Indiana in 1900. A shy and intelligent boy, he yearned for adventure and wanted to see the world. He thought he saw an opportunity arise during World War I. In October 1918, Pyle enlisted with the U.S. Naval Reserve. However, the war ended before he could complete his training and thus he never got to go overseas.

Statue of Ernie Pyle typing at a desk in front of Franklin Hall
Ernie Pyle statue in front of Franklin Hall, home of the Indiana Daily Student at Indiana University. (Photo…

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