Culturecide: It’s About Stopping People from Reproducing



  • Feminism

  • Experimental mRNA injections

  • Infertility

  • Trans-Scam

  • Over-Regulation of Children

  • Abortion

  • Assisted Suicide

  • Abundance of Free Pornography

  • Pets






Know Your History: The Cross of St. James Matamoros (The Moor Slayer)

I came across this awesome piece of history via an interview Alex Jones did with Matthew Bracken.

Now while I am not a big Alex Jones fan, I am a huge fan of Matthew Bracken, both as an author and political commentator.

If you have not read any of Bracken’s books, I highly recommend them and also visit his website which contains most all of his political commentary post.

Below is a description and picture of the Cross of St. James Matamoros which I took from the Blog Vlad Tepes. 

You can purchase the cross at this site also.

** (Please Note I am not affiliated with Vlad Tepes Blog nor do I profit in any way from advertising or sales)**


Purchase Sterling Silver Cross of St. James Matamoros

***UPDATE*** The Crosses are back in stock!

If anyone wants one, now is a good time to order one. If you already did, it was shipped out today by mail. This is an original modification of the classic cross of St. James Matamoros, the patron saint of the Reconquista of Spain in its war to reclaim its own people, culture, religion and lands from the Muslims who had conquered and ruled it with an iron fist and boot. Cost including shipping is USD $60.00

With most all the civilized world under attack yet again from islam and jihad, I think it appropriate and prudent that we remember the Historical record when it comes to Christians standing up to islam AND DEFEATING IT.

Wear it with Pride and just like your Christian testimony, be ready to give an account when somebody ask what that Cross represents!

I don’t know about you, but if I had a name like the “Moor Slayer” I would wear that with PRIDE!

Here is a decent Wikipedia article.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!