The Story of Italy’s Killdozer

Fascinating look at the Italian version of Killdozer.

For me, the Politics BEHIND the armed action were just as interesting as the action itself.


They may already have the Tonk, but Italy also has their own version of the infamous Killdozer. Today we look at the Tanko and Tanko II and their creation.


Remember Killdozer | VikingLifeBlog

Killdozer | VikingLifeBlog

Killdozer | VikingLifeBlog

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Wayne Hansen

Bradley Gledhill was just 20-years-old when he was attacked and beaten and stabbed to death by a gang of six Muslim men. Have you heard of Bradley Gledhill, and if not, why not?

One thing that pisses me off is people that bury their heads in the Sand in regards to Hate Crime Violence against WHITES.

In this ass backwards society Social Outrage is only accceptable when any race OTHER THAN WHITES are killed?

Your Hypocrisy and Agenda are nauseating.

Stand up against the Rising of the Tide.


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“Gay Black Icon” Indicted For Sodomizing An Underage Boy

This is what all this Multi-Culturalism/Diversity and Gay and Transgender Rights Bullshit get’s you: Children Sodomized and Traumatized for the rest of their lives. Wake Up World! Protect your Children and Make sure Pedo Queers like this get what they deserve: a jail cell or a coffin.



Jeremiah Harris, thestar ofthe Netflixdocuseries “Cheer,” has been hit with newindictmentsstemming from hissexual abuse of over a dozen boys, some as young as 13.

Harris, a male cheerleader who is an open and proud homosexual, is a media darling that in early 2020 was dubbed the “gay black icon we need” by Black Entertainment Television (BET). The media has also represented Harris as an intersectional hero, trailblazing on behalf of “black queer athletes.” 

Read more here at National Justice

Supreme Court Deals Blow to Parents and Social Conservatives In Transgender Bathroom Case

Transhood’ Documentary Shows Zombie Parental Guardians Brain-rot 4-Year-Olds Into Transgenderism = Mutilation/Deformity

NASDAQ Wants EVERY Company On Their Exchange To Have A Minority, Female Or LGBTQ Director

New Book Exposes History and Money Behind The Transgender Lobby

Meet The Jewish Billionaires Who Are Bankrolling ‘Drag Queen Story Hour’ for Your Children.

The Push to Normalize Pedophilia

Both Environment and…

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What are YOU Prepared to Do?

We have had several days of rain down here in the Republic of Texas and are scheduled to have several more, so you know what that means: Lot’s of coffee and Lot’s of writing!

I know I promised not to publish but one rant about the on going bullshit, but after reading this outstanding article, (H/T to Viking Life Blog for posting it) I felt the need for this short message.

With each passing day in this Clown World Circus called The United States of America it is becoming abundantly clear that Battle Lines are being drawn. The Marxist Black Power, Anti-White Militants and their many underwriters are now showing their true colors and going after any and every thing that represents Democracy, Christianity, White Culture or just basic common human decency.

Regardless of where you fit on the political RIGHT spectrum, the burning question remains, What are YOU Prepared to Do?

The truth is most decent white people for fear of being branded a “hate monger” or God forbid a “racist” (that’s hilarious) are keeping their mouths shut. This is a terrible mistake.

Me and my Family have a new personal motto:

“Never Apologize for being White or Actions You are Not Responsible For, Never Kneel to anybody other than God and Never Surrender, for Cowards Die a Thousand Deaths But the Brave only Die but once.”


So to answer the question What am I prepared to Do, I will quote Mr. Connery:

“They Pull a Knife, You Pull a Gun. They send one of yours to the hospital, you send one of theirs to the MORGUE!”

That’s where I stand and That is What I am Prepared to Do.

How about You?

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!