FUSA Bulletin: Vigilante Justice will Soon be the Only Justice

Vigilante mobs beat illegal miners and torch their camps in violent backlash after heavily-armed men gang-raped eight models filming music video in South Africa


What is happening in South Africa right now is a snapshot of FUSA in the next year.

Please read my essay Vigilantism as the Rule and not the Exception.

Time is Short.

Prepare Accordingly.


Community Action Groups and Pedophiles


I wrote a short essay not long ago where I theorized that due to the exponential amount of crime in this country and the continued degradation of American Law Enforcement (as a result of de-funding, low morale and staffing issues) fused with the current Neo-Liberal Globalist legal agenda to let dangerous criminals out on bail only to begin the cycle all over again, the only viable end-result would be widespread vigilantism by concerned and able citizens.

Now when most people think of Vigilantism they imagine violent lynch mobs and groups of people with pitchforks and torches, but like all social/cultural movements, vigilantism will have varying degrees of intensity with the most popular and effective being the current online movement of baiting and exposing pedophiles, very similar to what the Dateline Special To Catch a Predator did with host Chris Hansen many years ago.



The main difference being Concerned Citizens and not Law Enforcement are the primary agency involved in these scenarios, so very rarely is the suspected pedophile arrested unless the Police are called and the suspect has a warrant.

The main goal of these Citizen Action Groups is to EXPOSE the “predaphile” online, going as far as to show their personal info including their license plate information.

One of the biggest online Concerned Citizen Action Groups against “Predophiles” is Dad’s Against Predators or D.A.P. who have been around since 2020.

Currently D.A.P.’s YouTube channel has over 175,000 subscribers and to date have exposed over an estimated 200 “predaphiles” online and have helped get 11 convictions on predators that would have otherwise still be on the streets.

One of the things I like about D.A.P. is their willingness to help other like-minded Fathers and Concerned Citizens start their own “D.A.P. Cells” in their hometowns, thus spreading the doctrine of taking responsibility for the Safety of your Family and Community and not believing that Law Enforcement is solely there to “Protect” you from the bad guys.



The growing number of cases of pedophilia here in the U.S. is indeed sickening, but more unnerving is this current Government’s culpability in IMPORTING known illegal immigrant sex offenders into this country by the hundreds with no remorse or plan to stop it!

As if that is not enough now we have lib-tard corporate bastions like Disney who openly support the LGBTQ agenda and now unashamedly support “grooming” children with their propaganda cartoons.

Listen folks, time is short and if we want to protect the future generations then we are going to have to ACT NOW!

Vigilantism does not always have to be violent.

Yes, it may have to come to that as it did in the case of Ahmaud Arbery and the unjust sentencing of three white men trying to protect their community.

Regarding “predaphiles” the main goal should be to EXPOSE these sicko’s and get them off the streets and FIRED from positions which put them in contact with Kids and yes that includes Pedophile Teachers!

Take Action Accordingly!


Vigilantism as the Rule and not the Exception

I have been chewing on this matter for a very long time.

Before Marvin Heemayer or Cliven Bundy or LaVoy Finicum. Before Ashli Babbitt. Before Kyle Rittenhouse or Travis and Greg McMichael and William Bryan. Before Jake Gardner. Hell, even before George Zimmerman and the Trayvon Martin Case way back in 2012.

As an amateur historian I can tell you plainly that like it or not, vigilantism has always had a valid place in American society.

This can be seen most readily in the 19th century Old West when the “law” was understood not to be wholly encompassed in an elected official wearing a tin star that was often times bought and paid for by the wealthiest man in the region (some things never change).

No, every facet of the law, from cop to judge to executioner, was firmly seated in the Citizen’s judgement of right and wrong. This is why “Regulators” or “Special Constables” were used throughout the West. There simply was no time for bureaucracy and political two-stepping in those days. Work and industry had priority and criminals and miscreants who got in the way of that had to be done away with quickly.

Part of this legal philosophy was due to the fact that it was understood that in being ARMED, YOU, the CTITZEN were responsible for your OWN SAFETY and well-being! This ideal that Law Enforcement is there to “PROTECT” you is purely a late-20th century invention, nurtured by purple haired, bathroom confused, spineless cucked white guilt liberals who labelled the very sigma traits like self-sufficiency and rugged individualism that helped build this country as “toxic” and “destructive.”

I firmly believe that being a citizen of a nation that is currently unmoored and crumbling under the weight of liberal white-guilt politicians on both sides of the aisle implementing globalist-marxist dogma that Vigilantism will EVENTUALLY become a citizens only respite and safeguard to true Liberty and Justice for some.

As Henry Ward Beecher penned in 1887:

“Liberty is a soul’s right to breathe and when it cannot take a long breath, laws are girdled too tight.”

But what about when the so-called Law is corrupt and immoral and the people assigned to enforce that law are also either corrupt or non-existent because their departments were dissolved to combat so-called “systemic racism?” (Man when you put it like that it really does sound like the inmates are running the asylum doesn’t it?)

What do we do then folks?

Well, once again in the words of those “patriarchal white supremacist” who organized a rebellion, kicked the ass of one of the most powerful nations on earth and within two generations from immigrating from Europe, built a flourishing Empire of their own design:

“But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

We have to throw off the shackles of tyranny!

Discard the bullshit!

Not just because it’s the RIGHT thing to do for ourselves and future generations to come, but because it’s the PRACTICAL thing to do.

Listen, it’s plain that we cannot abide Lawlessness in this country anymore if we expect to survive. We cannot abide a broken and corrupt Criminal Justice system that because of over-crowded jails and prisons and over-burdened court dockets, releases dangerous felons out onto the street with ludicrously low bail amounts to rampage through Christmas parades and kill innocent white people.

It stopped being about Politics a long time ago and is now down to basic SURVIVAL.

Survival for you and your family and the future generations that will come after us.

The Time is Coming very SOON when Vigilantism will be the Rule and not the Exception, so be READY when it does.

Prepare and Act Accordingly.