Vet News: Changes to VA’s Community Care program raise concerns about vets’ health care access

Changes to VA’s community care program raise concerns about vets’ health care access

Well it looks like Shitty Pants Joe wants to do away with Community Care (CHOICE) Healthcare Options for Vets because quote:

“Too much use of private-sector doctors for core VA medical responsibilities could drain finances from the VA health care system and lead to “privatization” of the department?”

What? Drain Finances?

You mean like you did when you handed out billions in “Stimulus Payments?” this past year to illegal aliens and felons?

It seems the sole mission of this administration is to UNDO whatever good programs President Trump pushed through.

If my fellow Vets will remember, President Trump went to great lengths to expand the Community Care (CHOICE) System for Veterans in 2016, making it easier for Vets who don’t live near a VA Clinic or Outpatient Clinic to receive care from local Doctors and Providers, thus easing the burden.

It is said a Nation can be judged on how it treats it’s Veterans and Joe, like everything else, you have failed us big time.