The Rise In Anti-Whiteism Among Whites

The Rise In Anti-Whiteism Among Whites


From the graph it looks like Cucked White Liberals, a large majority who are 50 something childless, divorced or single liberal cat women (most likely) had a surge in 2011, smack dab in the middle of Barry Hussein’s tenure as Black Socialist in Chief.

Nothing is worse than Being a Traitor to your own race.


The War on Christmas

Sam Francis On The War on Christmas—And On American Identity

“It is precisely because Christianity is vital to our national identity that there is a war against it, and that’s the reason also there is now a nationwide resistance to that war by Americans who wish to conserve our national identity.”


Texas News: Migrants Swarm Border in Del Rio Texas

The Del Rio TX Disaster—”Like Watching A Nation Busily Engaged In Heaping Up Its Own Funeral Pyre”


At no other time in history has the President of the United States and his brain dead Cabinet put American citizens in so much physical danger from foreign invasion than now.

The video above shows HAITIAN’S crossing en masse by the thousands and God knows what other third world vagrants and criminals.

It makes me physically sick to see my State and my Country being WILLINGLY invaded. Debyshire was right, we are building our own funeral pyre.

Look at all the filth and garbage these POS leave behind.

There is no better analogy for what awaits America from this point on.

Prepare Accordingly.

This is now the Federal status quo.

The only way forward is for State and local Communities to join together and Say NO, we don’t want your kind here.

The Three “Medical Deaths” In The Capitol Protest Are Not Trump’s, Or The Protesters’, Fault

The Three “Medical Deaths” In The Capitol Protest Are Not Trump’s, Or The Protesters’, Fault


I think it is vitally important that we investigate to the last detail exactly HOW and WHY these three white, freedom loving people died on January 6, 2021 in Washington D.C. and hold accountable the responsible parties to the fullest extent of what law remains in this country.

Because If the life of a career black drug addict and thug such as George Floyd is worth the lives of murdered police officers and security guards plus billions in private property damage and state infrastructure, then how much more are these FOUR peoples lives worth? (The Fourth being Ashli Babbitt.)

Contrary to Woke Communist dogma, ALL Life is Valuable and ALL Lives Matter!

In Memoriam: Benjamin Phillips, Kevin Greeson, Roseanne Boyland and Ashli Babbitt.

 Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Americans: Stop Assuming You Still Have A Country

Americans: Stop Assuming You Still Have A Country—Organize!


“Yet understand that we are a stateless people with some degree of autonomy, like the Kurds. We can use that autonomy to build something new in the ruins in the old. But no progress is possible without recognizing our current subjugation.

None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.”


Stand up to the Rising of the Red Tide.