The Line in the Sand over Vax Mandates Has Been Drawn

Louisiana Congressman, Clay Higgins, Draws Line In The Sand Over Mandates

I like this guy.

He’s a sharp dresser and an even better public speaker, why?


Now, let the Games Begin…

Hornady Draws Ire for V*X Mandate Letter Sent to Employees

Hornady Draws Ire for V*X Mandate Letter Sent to Employees


The pressure begins to mount for Business owners as Government Tyranny doubles down.

$14K Per Unvaxx’d Employyee Huh?

How about a First Amendment Class Action Lawsuit by Several Large Businesses to raise the stakes?

Aussie Gestapo Trolling for Intel on Protesters

Make no mistake folks: Australia is the bellwether of what Globalist Vaxx tyranny is going to look like when it comes to the U.S. full scale.

Uniformed Police going door to door trolling for intel on COVID Lockdown Protesters?

Yeah Don’t be surprised if the lingo changes and suddenly “Protesters” become “Domestic Terrorist.”

Yes this is real and it’s COMING SOON to a street near you.

Get Your Shit Together NOW.

Be Pro-Active.

Prepare Accordingly