Lesson for the Day

Jeff Cooper once said:

“The only acceptable response to the threat of lethal violence is an immediate and SAVAGE counter-attack.”

So when three masked morons want to attack your vehicle with machetes remember that you have the upper hand: That 3 ton vehicle underneath you. Punch the gas and flatten them.
Also, irregardless of what TYPE of fight it is, whether you are on foot or in a vehicle, FORWARD is always better than BACKWARDS.
The reason for this is simple. When you are back peddling in a hurry, you cannot see where you are going and will more than likely trip (on your own feet or something else) and fall down. Or, if you are driving, crash into something and disable the vehicle. Both are Bad and put you at a disadvantage.
This is why the Spartans had the Motto “Always forward, never back.” Both as a tactic on the battlefield and as a mantra for life in general.


BTW this happened in Kenya (So much for cultural enrichment and diversity) but could happen anywhere, especially with the rise in ANTIFA street protest and civil unrest all across the U.S.
Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Armed Citizen Corner: Understanding Vehicles Are Weapons!

The incident in the video below is one of the most cowardly attacks on Law Enforcement I have seen in recent years.

But sadly, this attack shows two things.

First, There is a REAL WAR WITH REAL CASUALTIES raging right now an America’s Streets between certain members of society and Law Enforcement. These “people” feel they have been “wronged” by the Police and want revenge and so-called “social justice” and will get it by “whatever means necessary.” That is a quote by one of their “Inspirational Leaders” by the way, Malcolm-X,  who was himself a cop-hating black militant muslim.

To be honest, I was going to put my foot deeper into the BLM movement’s ass in this post, because we all know their puppet President BHO’s refusal to denounce their violent rhetoric have contributed, if not caused, the deaths of Law Enforcement Officers nationwide, including a Sheriff’s Deputy in Houston that was executed while getting gas. But I have decided to focus on something more “practical-tactical” for you guys today and not rant.

The Second thing we need to realize is this attack duplicates a TACTIC we have seen used before by ISLAMIC TERRORIST most recently in Nice, France.

In fact, terrorist publications such as Inspire urge followers to use this tactic, namely, Using a Vehicle as a High Speed Human Plow to kill as many as the “infidels”as you can.

Now it is too early to draw any concrete conclusions, but when you take the recent attacks on Law Enforcement in Dallas, Baton Rouge and Minneapolis combined with how Al Qaeda recently called American Blacks to Jihad,  I don’t think it is too far a stretch to say that although this 44-year-old homeless black drug addict was probably not motivated by BLM and Terrorist rhetoric but rather just a crack cocaine/alcohol high, the fact remains the dye has been cast in this country, both in cop hating rhetoric and murderous deeds, so now Law Enforcement across this country must be more ready than ever to defend themselves on the mean streets.

OK, so back to the issue at hand.

Some asshole wants to run you over with a 2 ton vehicle. What do you do? Well, if you have cat-like reflexes and are tough as a bucket of 6 penny nails like these 3 cops were, you jump out-of-the-way and then after being launched 8 foot in the air on your first day on the job, you taze the driver and help put him in cuffs. Awesome stuff!!

By the way, I want to commend the restraint these cops showed in not just shooting this high/drunk asshole in the face 10 times…I mean let’s be honest, using a vehicle as a weapon is considered using lethal force so they could have checked that box and sent this POS to the dirt nap, no worries.

But, and you mark my words on this, if that would have happened and those cops would have rightfully defended themselves and killed this dude, we would be hearing a non-stop media blitz about the a-hole “victim” driver who tried to kill those cops rather than the poor cops themselves. That is how backwards this world has become folks.

But seriously, back to the question: What do you do when somebody is trying to run over you and you are Armed? Well the answer and taught skill-set on this is pretty easy.

  1. AVOID being run over by however you can
  2.  SHOOT THE DRIVER in the face through the windshield or side glass. Don’t worry about trying to disable the car or any of that bullshit, Kill the Driver, Win the Day.

I did a Two Part Series on BULLET BEHAVIOR a while back which includes some detailed analysis of what bullets do in Vehicle Glass and Vehicle Car Doors/Quarter Panels, etc.

What do you if you are not Armed? That’s Easy, I would suggest getting off the street and imitating Forrest Gump and RUNNING!!


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!