AK News: CAI to Continue US Palm Brand

Century Arms to Continue US PALM Brand & Gun Parts Product Line


Well it seems the questions I had been asking the other day about who is going to pick up US Palm has been answered.

Not so sure this is a good thing however, being CAI’s record of poor manufacturing standards and quality control is kind of a legend in the AK community!

A semi-auto’s reliability is only as good as the magazine in it, so I guess we will have to wait and see.

Rest assured I will be running some quality control test of my own when the mags are released so BOLO.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


U.S. Citizens May Be Banned From Purchasing and Owning Body Armor

My advice to all CO’s concerning this issue is the same as it is whenever lib-tards and the “powers that be” try to FLEX their fascist muscles and “CONTROL” our guns or “BAN” our ammo….GEAR UP NOW and KEEP GEARING UP; THINGS ARE NOT GOING TO GET ANY BETTER FROM HERE ON OUT.-SF


It’s time to remind US citizens again of HR 378, the Act that would “prohibit the purchase, ownership, or possession of enhanced body armor by civilians, with exceptions,” (source). The Act caused a stirwhen it was first reported on in early 2015, but has since dwindled in the media, and slipped through the cracks of the public’s attention. The proposal is still open, however, and those who are interested can track its progress through the (source) link above.

The Act was proposed on January 14, 2015 by Representatives Michael Honda (D-CA), Alcee Hastings (D-FL), Robin Kelly (D-IL), and Danny Davis (D-IL). According to washingtonwatch.com, other sponsors or cosponsors include Representatives Barbara Lee (D-CA), Eric Swalwell (D-CA), and Julia Brownley (D-CA).

The controversy surrounding the topic spills over into the gun-rights issue, but regardless of your opinion on guns, whether or not we have the right to protect ourselves from them should not be an issue. The fact is, armor itself doesn’t hurt anyone (it’s designed to do the opposite), so why is an Act being proposed to take a form of safety away?

The Act specifically focuses on level III armor and higher, which is mainly designed to withstand rifle ammunition. Unless you’re an avid big-game hunter, the average citizen may not find level III armor useful, and in fact some might consider it excessive, but that isn’t the point; there are some law-abiding citizens who find it useful, we’re supposed to be living in the “land of the free,” and the real question is, why are players in the government trying to prevent citizens from protecting themselves from rifle shots, which are intended to result in serious injury or death?

In a press release from Representative Michael Honda:

This bill allows law enforcement to respond to active shooting situations more effectively. The bill prohibits the purchase, sale, or possession of military-grade body armor by anyone except certain authorized users, such as first-responders and law enforcement.”

As mentioned in the Free Thought Project’s report, “this speaks to the heart of the law enforcement problem in America.” One of the lessons learnedfrom Ferguson is that law enforcement themselves should not have access to military-grade equipment, as they are not trained to use it properly, and they act like a bunch of pubescent teenage boys who just got a fully loaded, semi-automatic penis for Christmas, waving it around at anyone who pays them the slightest bit of attention.

The argument for the use of this equipment by law enforcement is that it’s intended to protect US citizens from “terrorism.” And yet, US citizens are not killed on a daily basis by terrorists, but they arekilled on a daily basis by U.S. police, leaving many to beg the question, who are the real terrorists here?

If the intended use of military equipment by law enforcement is to protect US citizens from terrorism, why is it being used when dealing with Americans themselves, such as we saw in Ferguson? Is the implication that the majority of US citizens are terrorists? And now there are State Representatives who aim to prevent citizens from potentially protecting themselves from this excessive force.

The next question we need to ask is, exactly how many “active shooting situations” are police dealing with to merit an Act that will prevent all Americans from theoretically protecting themselves? According to reports, an FBI study in 2014 showed that active shooter incidents (not to be confused with mass shooting incidents, of which there are much less) are on the rise, with an average of 16 incidents a year.

Of course, that’s 16 too many, but it puts things into perspective; police across the nation have been geared for war to supposedly protect US citizens from terrorists when they themselves kill thousands more Americans than terrorists do, and according to Representative Michael Honda, citizens should not be able to protect themselves from this level of law enforcement because there can potentially be around 16 active shooter incidents across the nation this year.

Either these politicians are complete idiots, or they think we are. If it’s to be insisted that military equipment should be used to handle the possible 16 active shooter incidents that may happen this year, why not have the men who were trained to use that equipment deal with the incident? One would think the National Guard, at the very least, could handle such situations. But there are many benefits this Act could bring to the government, all of which are accomplished by tightening its grip on the American people, and that’s precisely what is intended.

There is a bit of light at the end of the tunnel though; should this law pass, reports indicate there is a grandfather clause allowing you to keep armor you purchase beforehand. So for the military-survival Anons out there, group hunters, Ted Nugent, and anyone else willing to spend a couple hundred dollars on a vest: We suggest you track this proposal, and in the meantime, gear up.

Read the Original Article at ANONHQ



I thought it pertinent to make a short list of the minimalist modifications the CO needs to do to their AK weapon system to make it run like a champ, both in class and on that HOT 360 range called LIFE.


I will never forget what a very dear friend and gunsmith guru said to me many moons ago: “If you want any gun to be 100% of it’s capability, install a better trigger and you are 75% there”.

I will add a caveat here: I did not change my Arsenal 2 stage triggers…I like them! I did change all my other AK trigger though, and for that I like Red Star Adjustable triggers.

2. Trigger Pin Retainer Plate

This is a very modest modification that will save you tremendous headaches down the road as you train and put alot of rounds downrange. This is the one malfunction that can shut an AK down for good in the field. This basically replaces the shepherds crook retaining wire (spring) and is not that tough to install yourself. Everybody sells them, but I prefer Krebs…make sure to get the right model also, there is one for the Saiga Shotgun and one for the AK Rifle.

3. Muzzle Brake/Flashider

Like everything  with Gun’s, if you ask 10 AK people you will get 10 different answers on which is the best..try to find one that give you the best of both worlds..for pure flash-hiding capability I think Manticore Arms NightBrake and Nightshroud are the best products on the Market for AK rifles. For a combination Muzzle Brake and Flashider, PWS (Primary Weapon Systems)’ FSC-47 takes the prize..I have been using one for a while now and it delivers..look for a demo video soon on a night and day shoot I did recently.

4. Modern 2 Point Sling

I say “Modern” because the old school Chi-Com or Russian parade slings simply do not have enough length to them to be useful in the field; plus you need enough length to clear a chest rig or vest. The best I have found is the Israeli Kalash Slings..they use aircraft wire versus metal hooks and come in 3 different colors and are tough as hell.

5. Ultimak Optic Rail

If you decide to run a red dot or other optic, this is the best co-witnessing rail for the money. I have tried just about everything on the market and the Ultimak wins out. I am not a fan of quad rails on the AK anyways, as it makes the gun too heavy and cumbersome IMO, but the Ultimak keeps the theme of the minimalist and delivers on performance. Sidebar: It has enough rail real estate for an offset light mount and it won’t interfere with your co-witness.

6. Offset Light Mount/Light

I am a believer all your serious “social” guns needs lights on them..the AK being no exception. There is a myriad of mount choices out there, some overpriced IMO, so be careful…I mean come on dude, its a billeted piece of Aluminum and you want $70!! I have found Impact Weapon Systems to have some decent priced ones. For a light, don’t skimp out with a Wal Mart $4.99, spend some $ on a dependable, bright light, after all, this thing may save your life! 70 lumen or better is a good starting point. I also like LED’s much better than Xenon. I run a Surefire E2 LED and a Fenix P2D currently.

7. Pistol Grip

I debated on even adding this, but I do think an improved grip improves recoil control and most stock AK grips are puny and small IMO for American hands. Again, find what fits your hand and go with it. Although I would HIGHLY advise against anything TAPCO on any of your guns, the AK SAW Grip fits my huge meat hooks nicely. US PALM’s grip’s are legit also.

8. Good Mags/Ammo

Though not considered a legitimate “modification”, I wanted to include this because any semi-auto gun is only as good as it’s mags. and although steel cased Wolf is great for drills, budget for at least 3 mags of really high quality Hollow Points or Soft Points for “social problem solving”…I like Corbon DPX and Corbon Hunter 7.62×39..Hornady also makes some killer loads. The standard Euro steel mags are fine for training, but watch out for deformed feed lips after a while; when that happens, toss them.  The go-to mags I recommend are:  Authentic Russian “Bakelite”, Real Bulgarian Circle-10’s and US Palm 30’s.

In closing, keep it simple, keep it minimalist…a loaded AK is heavy enough on its own, it does not need any help.

Remember: the AK is a biker chick, the AR is a prom queen..the rougher you are with an AK, the better she likes it!!

Stay Dangerous!