Integration Has Failed. Now What?

Integration Has Failed. Now What?


It’s the most epic case of injustice and hypocrisy ever committed by a Government on it’s own people and yet so few people really KNOW the history behind it.

Over 60 years ago when Racial Segregation was deemed “immoral and unconstitutional” by the U.S. Government, President Eisenhower chose to unlawfully (and unconstituionally I might add) enforce “Desegregation” by sending Armed Federal Troops into a Sovereign State!

Fast forward 50 years.

Blacks are angry and unhappy despite being among the most powerful politicians and wealthiest athletes, doctors, lawyers, entertainers, professors, and public intellectuals in the world. Blacks are angry and unhappy 30 years after the federal government canonized rapist Martin Luther King. Blacks are angry and unhappy 13 years after Americans elected a black president, then elected him again.

Almost 70 years after Brown, almost 60 years after the Civil and Voting Rights acts, decades after Oprah Winfrey, Tiger Woods, and Barack Hussein Obama became household names—the farther away we go from Jim Crow and segregation—the angrier and unhappier blacks become.