Know Your U.K. History: The Windrush Lie

How Britain Built Diversity


Like most things predicated upon falsehoods, the lie of “Diversity is our Strength” does not stand up well to intense scrutiny.

This is why it is so important to KNOW your History, not just some academic liberal twat’s interpretation of it.

Great Britain: It Wasn’t Like Enoch Did Not Warn You.



We Tried to Warn You: Remembering Those that Tried to Save Great Britain

Remembering Sir Oswald Mosley
(November 16, 1896-December 3, 1980)


Highly urge you to take some time and peruse some of Mosley’s speeches and essays.


Remembering Enoch Powell:
June 16, 1912–February 8, 1998

A Re-Evaluation of the Life, Politics and Philosophy of Enoch Powell

Rivers of Blood

The Road to National Suicide: Minority Ethnic Ascendancy, the Public Interest, & the “Uniform of Color”