American Self-Harm

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Listening to this I was reminded of a quote from no-bama about Joe Biden when he was VP:

“Never underestimate Joe’s ability to fuck things up.”

As FUSA continues to swirl around the toilet bowl into the shitter, one thing is painfully obvious:

Desperate People do Desperate things.

Prepare Accordingly.

How the AR-15 Forward Assist Saved Kyle Rittenhouse’s Life

All the Gun Boards, especially Arfcom are blowing up over this topic right now. 🤣

Keyboard Warriors and Sofa Ninjas arguing with each other about how Rittenhouse actually used (or should have used) the Charging Handle versus the Forward Assist and vice versa?

My 2 cents: Regardless of how it went down, In the realm of the OODA Loop, this is some pretty amazing shit for a 17 year old kid under severe STRESS!

If the gun was out of battery that is what the Forward Assist is there for.

I will tell you this from experience: This is the result of GOOD TRAINING and a SHITLOAD of LUCK!

So let’s all take our Lead from Kyle Rittenhouse:



No Way Out But Through

No Way Out But Through


“You can’t reason with them, you can’t co-exist with them. They have declared total war on you, your family and your people. The time is fast approaching when we will find out if they will succeed or fail but either way the losers aren’t going to be around afterward. “



Patriot Purge 1/6/21 (3 Part Series)

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I thought I would put Tucker Carlson’s 3 Part Documentary on the events of January 6, 2021 here for easy access.

Believe what you will from these videos but one thing remains clear:

The Federal Government Crossed a Line and there is no Going Back Now.

Prepare Accordingly.


Parts 1 and 2

Part 3

Tammany Hall v2.0


Boss Tweed:
You may or may not know Bill that everyday I go down to the waterfront with hot soup for the Irish as they come ashore. Its part of building a political base.

I’ve noticed you there, you may have noticed me.

Boss Tweed:
Indeed I have. Throwing torrents of abuse to every single person who steps off those boats.

If only I had the guns Mr Tweed I’d shoot each and every one of them before they set foot on American soil!

You guys will have to excuse my obsession of late with the movie Gang’s of New York, but in watching this movie again for around the 12th time the other day, I noticed something new:  America’s current CRISIS with Illegal Immigration and the exploitation of those Illegals by Democrats to secure votes is not new. In fact, it is as old as American politics itself.

Bill the Butcher’s last line in this exchange is one of my favorite lines in the whole movie. Mainly because it nails down a sentiment that is as popular today with a large majority of Americans as it was in 1860.

America is being invaded by foreigners and the traitorous swamp Democ-RATS are more than eager to help them come in.

Right Now in America we have a new version of Tammany Hall going on in that rat infested corrupt swamp called Washington D.C.

Our Government is OVER RUN with elected traitors in Congress and the Senate alike who want to roll out the red carpet to Hordes of diseased criminals teeming across our Southern Border who are intent on two things: Getting on Welfare and Voting Democrat in 2020.

In short, the destruction of America wholesale.

Don’t believe me? Let Tucker Carlson explain it in under 6 minutes.

I cannot say I am impressed with what President Trump has done so far to correct this Problem.

I have heard a lot of talk and promises, but not a lot of action, and ACTION is what this country needs now more than ever if we are to remain an INTACT Republic.

Irregardless of what is done or is not done regarding Illegal Immigration, As Always my mandate is clear:

I will defend my Family and Home First and my State Second.

Domari Nolo!


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!