Court Rules Trump Admin Can Withhold Federal Grants From Sanctuary Cities

I called this one a while back, The one who controls the purse strings controls the world. If these lib-turd run cess pools don’t want to abide by the law, cut off their Govt. Check! That’s the #1 Way to grab them by the short hairs!

Jim Campbell's

Comment by Jim Campbell

February 26th, 2020

A federal appeals court in New York ruled Wednesday that the Trump administration has the right to withhold law enforcement grants to sanctuary cities.

The case involved seven states: New York, Connecticut, New Jersey, Washington, Massachusetts, Virginia, and Rhode Island.

Note in the video how the Democrat whiners use various derogatory words in labeling the president and his administrations success.


By Jennie Taer

February 26, 2020

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They want to go to the courts, Trump beats the name callers there.

All of those states sued the Trump administration for withholding over the Justice Department’s April, 2017 letters “requiring proof of compliance” with U.S. immigration law for funding.

“Many of these jurisdictions are also crumbling under the weight of illegal immigration and violent crime,” the Justice Department wrote ina press release.


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