Tribalism Ascendant

Tribalism Ascendant


A trifecta of articles on FUSA, Tribalism and Race.

I highly recommend you read them all twice and then pass them on to somebody you care about.

Time is Short and things are about to go from Spicy to Nuclear Hot real quick.



“Individual rights and individual liberty, the rule of law, liberal democracy, free expression and the right to keep and bear arms, these are alien concepts to the people of most of the world or at best are concepts forced on them in to one extent or another when they were under colonial rule. The new “Americans” care nothing for the principles of White people or the rights of the very people who built this country. They are here to loot what our people have built, nothing more.”


Consider the following three news stories:

     The killers in the above stories are all Negroes. In each case, the media’s determination to perpetuate the “American blacks are oppressed” narrative is operating to spare the killers the appropriate attention and judicial treatment. Were white perpetrators to commit acts even remotely similar to the ones chronicled in those stories, their treatment would be radically different…especially if their victims were black.


“The American empire seems to be entering that minority rule phase where it becomes clear to everyone that the people in charge are aliens. From Gettysburg into the 20th century, America was a proto-empire. The Yankee ruling elite had conquered the rest of the country. Then the push west made Yankeedom into a continental empire and then a regional empire entering the 20th century. The two great industrial wars established Yankeedom as the American empire.”


Civilian Operator 101: Great Example of Community Self-Sufficiency and Not Depending on the Govt.


The Government Can’t Help You, But the Cajun Navy Can

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One thing about Natural Disasters is despite the human trash you will hear about looting and pillaging there will always be stories like this where groups of  people pull together for a common goal, in this case, survival. This community tribal behavior is something we all as civilian operators need to learn to be a part of and contribute to more often.

Tribalism (families and people united for a common goal) is going to be an important aspect of society sooner than later the way the wind is blowing lately. Fostering a “Self-Sufficient” attitude that does not rely on the Govt. for our well-being and survival is imperative not just as individuals but as a COMMUNITY if we expect to make it through the next decade.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!