“Nobody is Coming to Save You” is now Official Police Policy

‘We cannot keep you safe’: Law enforcement officials warn about soaring crime rates and severely Understaffed Police Forces


Smith told Fox News that there are currently at least 11 cities in the U.S. where law enforcement is severely understaffed, including New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, Philadelphia, Seattle, St. Louis, Louisville, Austin, San Antonio, Phoenix, and Tucson.

“Every day is living in a movie set, between the movie ‘Purge’ — with all the violence, crimes, and murders — and ‘The Walking Dead,’ because you got all these people there on drugs in the homeless tents,” McBride continued.


I don’t think it can be said any clearer than that.

The “Authorities” are Overwhelmed, Understaffed and when the Chips are Down cannot be counted on.

FYI: This includes EMS as well, so if you’re Medical Skills and Equipment is lacking, I suggest you remedy that with (for starters) Blowout Kits for Home and Vehicle and Training from Stuck Pig Medical.

Plan and Act Accordingly.


Uvalde cops complained they were afraid to get shot during massacre


Mountain Man Medical And Their Free Online Course

Mountain Man Medical And Their Free Online Course


I have long been a big advocate of Armed Citizens taking some form of Emergency Medical Trauma Training.

It’s common sense logic that if you carry a gun for self-defense you need to know how to plug the holes that gun (or knife) can make, both for yourself and other folks you care about.

Although NOTHING can substitute HANDS-ON training IMO, this FREE 105 minute course is definitely worth your time!


Why You Should Become an EMT

Why You Should Become an EMT

Or more to the Point, WHY you should get EMT Training…

In a Nutshell the answer is the same as to Why You Should Always be Armed: Because when Seconds Count, the Police (and the Paramdedics) are only an hour away!

NOBODY is Coming to Save You!

The “Cavalry” are on their Coffee Break or getting Hand Sanitizer.

Prepare Accordingly and Leave Nothing to Chance!


Prepper’s First-Aid and Medical Checklist

Prepper’s First Aid and Medical Checklist


Being prepared for medical and first-aid emergencies is hands down one of the most important areas of Prepper “Preparation”. Having both the Hardware and Software tools available when the chips are down could mean the difference between life and death.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!