Documentaries Worth A Damn: Trapper Jake

With the pitiful state of media currently, well made Docs are getting harder and harder to find, but occasionally you find one worth a damn.

I recently found one on Amazon Prime from 2013 titled “Trapper Jake”

Here is a snippet from the description:

“Trapper Jake tells the true life story about Jake Korell a German born Russian immigrant American trapper. A cinematographic work of art, Trapper Jake depicts a way of life that may be gone forever but which holds many life lessons in the struggle for survival that are still relevant today.”

Jacob “Trapper Jake” Korrel passed away March 6, 2013 in Riverton, Wyoming. He was one month shy of his 99th Birthday.

Keep in mind this Doc was filmed in 2012 when Jake was a young and spry 98 years old!

The reason I wanted to share this documentary is twofold:

  1. Anytime we can be exposed to the older generation, specifically folks that grew up in or around the depression-era, is a good thing. (Trapper Jake was born in 1914!) The wisdom these people often have is something the younger generation, and even people like me in our 40’s can greatly BENEFIT from.
  2. It shows a way of life that has almost died out in so called “Modern America” thanks in no small part to animal activist/terrorist groups like PETA and anti-hunting organizations like The Humane Society.

With the future of American society circling around the toilet as we speak, learning and promoting a prepper/ subsistence lifestyle, specifically the hunting and fishing skill-set, is integral to our survival in my humble opinion.

We cannot forget that for hundreds of years in America fur trapping was an integral part of not only every day survival for a lot of people, but also modern commerce in America.

I have always had a love for Old West history, particularly that of the Mountain Men of the early 19th century.

I highly recommend the book Fur, Fortune and Empire: The Epic History of Fur Trade in America by Eric Jay Dolin for historical context.

Growing up in Central Texas, I trapped fur with my dad most all of my childhood.

Of course back then (late 70’s, early 80’s) fur prices were excellent and it was worth a man’s time to do it. In fact, my dad financed several family ski trips to Colorado with fur trapping money!

Where we lived, we mostly trapped coon and ringtail.  While calling up Fox, Bobcat and Yotes  (Coyotes).

Fast forward to today, fur prices are mediocre at best. (Click HERE for 2017-2018 Market Prices).

Give this Doc a look and if you can, bring along a few youngsters so you can influence the next generation.

Stay Alert Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!