Small Unit Tactics: RECCE Patrolling

Recce Patrolling I: The Recce Team


This is the first installment in a series of OUTSTANDING articles on Recon Basics (Reconnaissance) from from Justin over at Swift Silent Deadly.

Small Unit Tactics is a subject every serious Armed Citizen needs to study and TRAIN on in-depth.

I highly recommend you seek out my friend Brushbeater for some realistic, practical TRAINING today!

Time is short, Prepare Accordingly!

More Vehicle Preparedness


Pat Mac with some more no frills advice for Vehicle Preparedness and what to put in that VBOB!


An Excellent AIWB Draw

An Excellent AIWB Draw


Frame by frame lesson on a smooth AIWB (Appendix-Inside-The-Waistband) Draw.

I think the most important lesson here is in Frame #1: Notice the trigger finger goes to the “high register” position of the gun on the outside of the holster. That way when the gun is deployed, the finger is nowhere near the trigger.

Two most important things in a good drawstroke:

  • Trigger Finger at High Register away from the triggerguard

  • Muzzle Discipline (NEVER “Cover” a body part with your muzzle)


Never, Ever sacrifice SPEED for SAFETY!

That’s how idiot’s shoot themselves.



Know Your Weapons: History and Evolution of the Karambit

History and Evolution of the Karambit


Even though they look bad ass, I do not recommend the Karambit as a EDC.

It’s a Special Purpose Knife that requires some training to use Properly and Effectively.


The Art of Exploitation: Urban Movement and Urban Camo



Big fan of Ed Calderon. 

If you have not seen his EDC Video watch it now!