The Community Quartermaster


The Community Quartermaster


A really good and practical read for the Serious Martial Citizen.

The days are coming very soon where “Arm Thy Neighbor” will be the Rally Cry!

The reality is not everybody is going to have a gun when the hammer drops and you are going to need multiple armed warm bodies for your tribe to stay safe when things start shitting the bed en masse.

Better to prepare Now for that Eventuality.


Instead of buying that $1500 tricked out AR, but two Budget AR’s or 3 Basic Shotguns or 3 Basic 9mm Pistols.

*For Further Reading Check Out Arm Thy Neighbor over at American Partisan

Prepare Smart and Accordingly!

Armed Citizen Video: How to Shoot through a Windshield

From the Archives 2018



A quick down and dirty 5 minute primer on shooting through a windshield when the shit hits the fan while in your vehicle.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the obvious here:

  • You are sitting in a three ton weapon made out of steel and aluminum that trumps that bullet in your rifle or pistol. If the situation permits, Stomp on the GAS!

We could also talk about Getting off the X (getting out of the Kill Zone) and avoiding fighting from a vehicle at all cost (because they are bullet magnets) but we can save that for another day.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Training 101: Staying In Your Lane

One of my all time Personal Favorite Trainers: Rexkwondo from Napoleon Dynamite. Kick Ass! Not.

One of my all time Favorite Trainers: Rexkwondo from Napoleon Dynamite.


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Awesome advice as the practical civilian operator attempts to navigate the often slippery and confusing slope of finding worthwhile tactical self-defense trainers! Word of advice: Stay away from the guy who teaches “it all”. Find the guy with bonafides who does one thing really well and then repeat. Take 4 or 5 different classes on 4 or 5 different skill-sets.

And one more thing: Stay away from “Trainer Worship”.

Yes it exist and it is pitiful to observe as the picture above plainly shows.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!