Just Another Liberal Euphemism: ‘Mandatory Gun Buy Backs’ is Lib-Speak for ‘Gun Confiscation’

Dress It Up However You Want, A Mandatory                                       Buyback Is Confiscation

I have been warning people who have” ears to hear” for several months now about the ongoing covert war against the Second Amendment.

When you combine ideals presented in this article with Legal devices like Gun Violence Restraining Orders already on the books what you get is a nefarious mix of socialist garbage aimed at disarming the populace.

The only way to combat this stuff is to expose it for what it is and stand up to it at every turn.

We cannot get lazy about it folks. Laziness is what THEY (the anti-guncrats) are counting on.

No, we have to stay sharp and ready.

Stay Alert, Stay Informed, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


Civil War 2.0?


        7 Forces Driving America Toward Civil War

Plus one more I added below.

8. Illegal Immigration

The Federal Government has failed  in it’s mandate to protect it’s citizens from foreign threats. Therefore, individual States (particularly those located on the Southern Border) must be prepared to exercise their sovereignty as set forth in the Tenth Amendment of the Bill of Rights to ensure the safety and security of it’s citizens. Add to this the outright Unconstitutional agenda of allowing Illegal Aliens the right to Vote and Action MUST be taken now.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


RKBA News: The Covert War to Disarm America Continues

Backdoor Ban: Bank Of America Freezes Credit to Manufacturers of AR-15s

More backdoor antics you will not hear about in the mainstream media.

Liberal fascism at work via Economic Warfare.

Cut the money off to businesses who manufacture firearms.

Next will be Ammunition companies, and then after that, after all these multiple ILLEGAL INFRINGEMENTS upon the Second Amendment, because who is counting anyways, right? Will be a hefty “tax” on any firearm or ammo purchase, and that, my friends will be the straw that broke the camel’s back.

We all remember what happened when the British began taxing people illegally, right?


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


In Memoriam: Charles Keating, US Navy Seal, Killed in Iraq While Serving his Country

Since the President and the White House in true and typical cowardly fashion REFUSE TO CALL THIS A COMBAT DEATH I wanted to post this really nice memorial Mr. Keating’s former alma matter, Indiana University put up for him.

Please re-post this and send it to everybody you know. Let’s all do the right thing for this brave and honorable soldier since his Country obviously refuses too. -SF


IU mourns passing of U.S. Navy SEAL Charles Keating, a former student-athlete

BLOOMINGTON, Ind. — Indiana University is deeply saddened by the tragic loss of former student-athlete Charles Keating, a U.S. Navy SEAL who was killed Tuesday morning on a mission in Iraq.

Keating, who came to IU from Paradise Valley, Ariz., was a student and a track and field and cross country runner at IU from 2004 to 2006. He was a member of the 2004-05 track team that finished as a Big Ten runner-up in both the indoor and outdoor seasons. Keating competed in the mile run.

“When Charlie left IU to enlist and try to become a SEAL, I don’t think it really surprised any of us,” said Robert Chapman, professor of kinesiology at IU Bloomington, who served as IU’s men’s cross country coach from 1998 until 2007. “You could tell he was a guy who wanted to be the best and find out what he was made of, and serving as special operations forces for his country embodied that.”

Head track and field coach Ron Helmer issued the following statement on Keating.

“From all accounts, Charles Keating was a great kid and a privilege to coach. On behalf of Indiana Track and Field, my condolences go out to the entire Keating family. He paid the ultimate sacrifice defending his country, and for that we are eternally grateful.”

Keating is the son of former swimming great and IU alumnus Charles H. Keating III (’74-’77), who was a three-time All-American for the Hoosiers in the breaststroke and a four-time Big Ten Champion. Keating III finished fifth in the breaststroke at the 1976 Olympics in Montreal.

Indiana head swimming and diving coach Ray Looze remembers the Keating family and offered his condolences.

“Charlie Keating was a valuable member of the Indiana Athletics community. His father was a decorated All-American and Olympian for the Hoosiers, and their family gave me one of my first coaching jobs in Phoenix. On behalf of the IU Swimming community, we express our deepest condolences.”

Former teammate of Keating, Stephen Haas provided the following statement regarding the loss of Keating.

“I’m sure you are going to hear a lot about what a bad ass Navy SEAL Charlie was, and I’m sure he was the baddest. I think me and my teammates at IU will always remember him for being the most likable guy in the room with the biggest smile. Charlie was such a nice guy and everyone loved being around him. He was such a goof with no worries in the world. I don’t think I ever saw him upset. He loved having a good time and his attitude was contagious. I’ve been in touch with most of my teammates at IU and some of Charlie’s best friends. Everyone is devastated. He was really loved and will be greatly missed. I know we all feel so lucky to have spent so much time with him while in such a great time of our lives at IU.”

The entire IU community extends its heartfelt condolences and sympathies to the family, friends and loved ones of this heroic fallen Hoosier and brave American.

Read the Original Post at IU Hoosiers