Homeowner Shot by Police

Greenville, SC – On June 13th at around 11:49 PM, a Greenville County Dispatch Center Received a call from an alarm company regarding a panic alarm activation from the residence of 305 Eastcrest Drive. The alarm company attempted to make contact with the owner of the cell phone but did not receive an answer. The alarm company then notified the Greenville County dispatch center. The county dispatcher also attempted to make contact with the owner of the cell phone without success.

A deputy was then dispatched to the home at around 11:54 PM.

Just after midnight, the first deputy arrived on scene and rang the doorbell but was unable to make contact with anybody inside.

As the deputy proceeded to walk off the front porch to begin a perimeter check of the home, he noticed movement from inside the home and returned to the front door to further investigate.

As the deputy returned to the front door, he noticed a man through the window on the left side of the door.

The man who was later identified as the homeowner was seen on the deputy’s body-worn camera and observed by the deputy holding a gun.

According to the deputy, after noticing the man inside, he illuminates him with his flashlight and as he did so the man who was initially walking away from the front door turned and cornered his gun at him.

In an effort to defend himself against a perceived threat, the deputy fired his issued weapon as he retreated off the porch and subsequently struck the individual multiple times.

After a brief communication exchange between the deputy and homeowner, the deputy entered the residence and began to provide medical attention until EMS arrived on scene.

The individual is recovering from his wounds.

Lesson to be Learned: Communication is key. If the Homeowner would have spoken to the alarm company after the Panic Alarm had been triggered, all of this could have been avoided.

I always tell family and friends regardless of the situation, if police come to your house thinking a crime is being committed, DO NOT be the one with a gun. Also, if it is a 911 Call tell the dispatcher your EXACT Location in the house and what you are wearing so you don’t get shot in your own home by a nervous cop.

Cops are way too nervous and scared in this day and age, so don’t be taking chances!


Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!