Know Your History: The Last Americans To Believe in the Voluntary Union of the States

The Last Americans To Believe in the Voluntary Union of the States


A bloody and pathetic page fromThe War of Northern Aggression that has been purposely obfuscated by the Federal Gub Mint for over One Hundred and Fifty years.

Just remember when the chips are down and things get spicy in the next few years with “domestic unrest” this is the legacy of the Federal Government toward unarmed civilians.

Federal Government Gangsters NEVER change their stripes or true colors.

Prepare Accordingly.


Know Your History: Why the Marxist Left Loves Lincoln

Why The Marxist Left Loves Lincoln


One of my mentors growing up told me that no other period in American History as rife with lies as the American Civil War and as such no other period in American History has had such a negative impact on society.

But don’t take my word for it, the TRUTH is out there if you are willing to dig past the bullshit and marxist revisionist history!

Some Civil War History You Were Not Taught in School


Lincoln’s Kind of “Soldier”


The American History You’re Not Supposed to Know


I have been a huge fan of Mr. DiLorenzo’s work ever since I read The Real Lincoln over a decade ago.

I urge all of you to dive into all of Mr. DiLorenzo’s books and articles and get a fresh, politically incorrect perspective on one of the most misunderstood and maligned wars in American History.

Remember, as Orwell told us, the only way the globalist marxist elite can control the future is to try and manipulate the past to conform it to it’s current narrative and no other period in American History is fundamental to this than the American Civil War.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


America’s Totalitarian Ruling Class and Its Willing Slaves

I highly recommend all of Thomas DiLorenzo’s essays, articles and books.

Nobody has a better grasp on the history of the steady decline of this train wreck called The American Republic.


American is being ruled by bureaucratic and political whim, not laws, and most Americans have no problem with that. From Thomas DiLorenzo at If the corona cold virus calamity teaches us anything it is that, with few exceptions, America’s political class is overwhelmingly dominated by fascists and totalitarians. I speak of course of all […]

via America’s Totalitarian Ruling Class and Its Willing Slaves, by Thomas DiLorenzo — STRAIGHT LINE LOGIC

Secession Fever in Today’s America: What Would Lincoln Think? by Thomas DiLorenzo

Spot on Analysis.


Lincoln prevented secession in America by going to war, but it’s an idea whose time has come. From Thomas DiLorenzo at

A February 19 article in The Washington Times announced that “Secession Fever Spikes” in five states where “conservatives” are attempting to escape neo-Stalinist policies of the Democrat Party majority there, now that the mask is finally off and the Democrats are the proud party of socialism and omnipotent government.  Long gone are the days when they hid their true beliefs by calling themselves “liberals” and their brand of fascism “The New Deal.”  They are now the party of the Green New Deal, the crazed, Soviet-style government plan to totalitarianize all of American society under the dishonest guise of “saving the planet.”  In other words, they are all card-carrying “watermelons” – green on the outside, red on the inside.

As soon as they took control of the Virginia…

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