No Justice, No Peace

Darrell Brooks given 6 consecutive life sentences for Waukesha Christmas Parade massacre

I don’t call giving a black supremacist POS cold-blooded murderer six “consecutive” life sentences JUSTICE in any form or fashion.

JUSTICE would be this black sack of shit not sucking oxygen anymore.

JUSTICE would be my tax dollars NOT going to subsidize his laziness for the next 40 to 50 years.

We can only hope he is put into General Population and the AB or one of it’s many affiliates take care of it.

I long for the Simpler Times when Black POS like this were hung with the shortest rope from the tallest tree!


Remember the Waukesha Six!

Outraged but not Surprised

Darrell Brooks found Guilty of killing 6 with SUV in Wisconsin Christmas parade


So this Black Repeat Offending Murdering Piece of Shit just got Life in Prison for Murdering Six Innocent White People?

Yeah I am Not Impressed with the State Of Wisconsin or the absentee DOJ.

In Fact, I am OUTRAGED.

Why is it Federal Hate Crime Charges were never Filed when this was clearly a Racially Motivated Murder Spree?

If that had been the case the Death Penalty would have been Mandatory as it was for Dylan Roof in 2015.

Oh But Wait, Brooks is Black so he get’s a Pass from an Anti-White Justice System even though Brooks  openly admitted to being a Black Supremacist?

Complete and Total Horseshit.

I Want to Formerly and Sincerely Apologize to all of the Families of the Waukesha Six.

The State of Wisconsin and the Department of Justice have FAILED YOU!

But Hey, all is not lost…Things Happen in Prison.

Maybe Once they remove this Black Turd from Protective Ad-Seg and put him in General Population JUSTICE will find him out.

One Can Only Pray.


Terror In Waukesha Full Documentary