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Antifa Intel Report



If there is one thing to re-emphasize in these dangerous times it is to ALWAYS stay CURRENT about enemy activity in your neck of the woods.

“It would be fairly easy to dismiss this group as a bunch of 20 something soyboy cucks who are cosplaying the revolutionary role while still living at home with mom and dad. That would be a mistake. While it is accurate that they are a bunch of man-children who still live at home and have no real career, this group is much more than that.

They have organization, a decent command and control network, funding enough for travel, attorneys, equipment, and an extensive propaganda network. Their members are motivated and becoming better equipped and trained by the minute.”

San Antonio ICE Office Attacked — American Partisan

So Once again Violent Leftist with Guns attack an ICE Facility.

Let’s see the MSM and the Left explain this one away on how Guns are the problem.

As reported by Breitbart, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) facility was attacked by a gunman yesterday afternoon. This latest move follows a pattern of escalating violence, shifting from mostly vocal protests to direct action. The last attack on an ICE facility, from self-described Anarchist and John Brown Gun Club member Willem Van Spronsen, firebombed…

via San Antonio ICE Office Attacked — American Partisan

Are There Any Questions? — American Partisan

Its doubtful in my estimation that they’ll be a solitary event that people look to as “the one” that brings it all down. More like a slow burn, we’re sliding into an unrecognizable state. 24 more words

via Are There Any Questions? — American Partisan

The Violent Left and White Hatred


Not that this is really “news” per se, but the The Left has declared It is now fashionable and “politically cool” to not only HATE white people, but encourage VIOLENCE against them.

Lib-Tards have been working over time as of late stirring up hatred against whites and endorsing their tired and mentally unstable dogma of “White Guilt” and “White Privilege”, two terms that are as fantastical in their definitions as unicorns and pixie dust.

The lame-stream media of course endorses and protects this fallacious crusade.

This is why you did not hear a word about the horrific murder of six month old Cole Ellerbe who was kidnapped and burned alive in Natchitoches, Louisiana last week (who was white), by a deranged black woman, but you will hear about (on endless loop) actresses on CNN (Who have the nerve to call themselves “news journalist”) tearfully tell us about the thousands of “poor, mistreated” illegal mexican children being “separated” from their parents at the border by that “gestapo” like agency called I.C.E.

You could not have a more clear cut case of a RACIAL HATE CRIME than the one committed against little Cole Ellerbe and yet the F.B.I. and our Attorney General were silent on the matter.

Maybe that is because it was recently discovered that the inept and corrupt F.B.I. are now using none other than the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) a resource to track down organizations and individuals that spread ‘HATE”. If you know anything about the SPLC you would know that is a hilarious joke, since the SPLC is known to partner with such far-left leaning groups as the Anti-Defamation League, the Human Rights Campaign, the NAACP, the National Center for Transgender Equity, the National Gay and Lesbian Task Force, and the National Organization for Women.

The SPLC’s political agenda in boosting the image of the violent left and spreading propaganda and lies about Conservatives is no mystery. READ FOR YOURSELF.

Of course liberals will tell you that all of this is a “Nationalist Delusion”.

The left does not endorse or condone killing or harming white people! The left abhors racism, right?

Well, As Long as you are talking about racism against any other race than Whites, yes, that is true.

Consider this as evidence:  That Bastion of East Coast Liberal Thought and Propaganda, The New York Times, recently hired a bonafide South Korean racist to their editorial board who likes to go on Racist Twitter rants against White People.

Parallel that story with this about President Trump:

Pastor Predicts Donald Trump Will Be ‘The Most Pro-Black President in Our Lifetime’

See what I mean? Something does not add up folks.

There is a very simple reason the Left and their media mouthpieces want to stir up racial division in this country and portray President Trump and his supporters as “racist.”

It is the same reason for this full-court press by liberals on allowing as many illegal immigrants in this country as possible, regardless if they are pedophiles, rapist or murders.

To Win the 2020 Election.

And if the increased threats and multiple ACTS OF VIOLENCE are not enough to concern you, then how about the OUTRIGHT VIOLATION OF CONSTITUTIONAL FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHTS?

The left will stop at nothing to not only Muzzle Conservative voices, but also DISARM them as well through the use of Gun Violence Retraining Orders (GVRO) which ironically enough, call into question the mental health of the law abiding gun owner.

You do not have to be a rocket scientist to understand how bad a law like this could be manipulated to strip law abiding gun owners of their legally owned weapons.

With groups like ANTIFA getting more and more violent as each day passes, Conservative Armed Patriots are going to have to be especially vigilant in defending themselves in the days and months to come.

There will be More to come on this I am sure, but in the meantime, expose the lies,

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


ANTIFA member Arrested with Bomb Making Materials

Burglary suspect found with ‘concerning’ amount of bomb-making materials


No folks, don’t believe the Fake News Cartel…. this is not a “White Supremacist” or “Neo-Nazi Racist” or “White NRA Member”… this is your run of the mill Loony Liberal with illegal guns and explosives.

Correct me if I am wrong, but it seems every time I hear about ILLEGAL Guns and Bombs, a Liberal is involved? What is up with that?

Just another screaming neon sign that the Loony, Violent Left are more dangerous than domestic jihadist right now.

What is it going to take for the U.S. Government to label ANTIFA a violent, terrorist group and start cracking down?

(Here’s a hint: The U.S. Government uses the old adage “Laws are written in Blood.” In other words, somebody has to die first before any action is taken. So maybe after ANTIFA blows up a building and kills innocent people we will get some action out of the corrupt and inept Federal Law Enforcement?


Remember folks, YOUR safety and the safety of your family is YOUR responsibility, not the Nanny State.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!