Espionage Files: The Spy Who Went Into the Cold



Kim Philby is without a doubt one of the most notorious traitors in U.S. and British Intelligence History.

Numerous books, films and documentaries have been done about him over the past 3 decades. John Le’ Carre, Robert Littell and numerous other spy authors have based characters on Philby and the notorious “Cambridge 5”.

A BBC Documentary currently on Netflix right now called The Spy Who Went Into the Cold is an in-depth different kind of documentary on Philby that focuses more on the duplicitous nature of the man and how for decades he fooled some of the most well-trained intelligence officers in the world in MI6 and the CIA.

It is a study as much in the duplicity of human nature as it is the nasty business of Espionage.

If you are a Cold War or Intelligence buff, I highly recommend it.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!