A War Hero’s Advice

A War Hero’s Advice: CSM (Ret.) Don Purdy


Excellent advice from a legend. I love one of the last lines: “Police your ranks of the self servers”. Consider that to be the most important thing you will hear all day, especially in today’s society of parasites. Enjoy!

Don Purdy Rules to LIVE BY:


  1. Shoot from the shoulder. Pistols are back up weapons. Learn to shoot well. Marksmanship is critical.

  2. Carry all the ammo and water you can on your person.

  3. Don’t lean weapons agains trees and walls.

  4. Weapons on safe until its time to kill.

  5. Machine gunners should be corporals.

  6. Guns must be trained to maneuver on there own. Crew drills are critical.

  7. Reload drills are critical.

  8. Firing in the blind and dead gunner drills must be executed.

  9. Soldiers must know how to use the weapons properly and everyone elses.

  10. Train on foreign weapons when possible.

  11. Camouflage! It works.

  12. A bayonet is a weapon. Train your soldiers to use it to kill the enemy.

  13. Do Combatives. Also rifle P.T.

  14. When in the defense or preparing one never get more than arms reach from your weapon.

  15. Keep shirts and K-Pots on when digging.

  16. Don’t lay ammo in the dirt. Carry sand bags so you can lay magazines and other ammo on the bags when in defense.

  17. Soldiers need to know basic demo.

  18. Use VS–17 panel for daytime signal that you have no verbal commo.

  19. Handling of POWs and medevac must be practiced constantly.

  20. Execute withdrawals under pressure. Live fire when possible.

  21. Silence is golden. Learn to whisper. Even on radios.

  22. When in the heat of battle leaders talk others shut up.

  23. Stay off the radio. No unnecessary chatter.

  24. Use whistles, star clusters as back up signals.

  25. When in a MOUT Defense have a destruction plan in case of a withdrawal under pressure.

  26. Wheel barrels are great in a MOUT environment.

  27. Don’t forget! Sanitation Plan.

  28. Always think dirty. Think about what you would do if the doo doo hit the fan right now.

  29. Move like a cat and don’t hesitate.

  30. Read the battlefield.

  31. Do bang! drills. This teaches soldiers to react to every contact instantly. In less than one second rounds should be going back at the enemy.

  32. Hip pocket training is excellent. All leaders need to know how to do this properly and efficiently.

  33. NCOs TRAIN Soldiers!

  34. Discipline, Discipline, Discipline. Its too late when the fighting begins.

  35. Drill & Ceremony is important. Do it right.

  36. Uniformity is important.

  37. *If you think something is wrong it is*

  38. Be prepared to take charge.

  39. Not everyone can be an Infantry soldier. Get rid of the weak.

  40. Nothing out of a ruck sack except what is necessary.

  41. Eat one thing at a time and immediately pack it up.

  42. Trash goes back in the rucksack.

  43. Be ruthless on those who leave equipment or ammo on the battlefield.

  44. *Keep the plan simple and violent*

  45. Smoke doesn’t stop bullets.

  46. Breaching tools are a last resort to breach.

  47. Never pass a threat.

  48. Don’t daisy chain claymores.

  49. Train with live grenades as much as possible.

  50. Train soldiers to react to bumping into enemy personnel in close quarters.

  51. Talk to your soldiers about the reality of there mission (Life and Death).

  52. NCOs must never back down in front of there soldiers.

  53. Never reduce standards of discipline when in a hostile environment. Be ruthless.

  54. Leading from the rear is like pushing spaghetti up hill.

  55. NODs on during darkness.

  56. Improvise when necessary. Don’t reinvent the wheel.

  57. Field hygiene is important.

  58. If you want to know what the enemy is doing think about what you are doing.

  59. Treat your enemy as if he is the baddest of the bad. Do not underestimate him.

  60. Always use boot laces not zippers.

  61. Boots stay on. Only remove when necessary one boot at a time.

  62. Infantrymen must have the heart of a lion. Leaders (NCOs) must develop that heart. The infantry has no room for the weak or faint of heart.

  63. Your mission is to close with and destroy the enemy with any means possible. You must live in the environment on the ground. The mission has priority. The fight comes first then the recovery of dead and wounded.

  64. Always plan resupply and medevac procedures thoroughly.

  65. Keep the bi-pods down on MGs and SAWs when moving.

  66. Place two tracer rounds in magazines first so you will know when your about to have to change mags.

  67. Teach your squad leaders how to direct guns with tracers.

  68. Never smile for photographs.Always keep things simple. Complicated plans don’t work out well.

Lastly I wish to point out that the role of the NCO is awesome. You own the soldier. Train them for war not for peace. Be hard but fair. Never forget where you came from. Learn from failure and confess when your wrong.

There is no room for boot licking, gut eating, ticket punching NCOs in the infantry. Police your ranks of self servers. There scum of the earth.

Don Purdy


Globalism Versus Nationalism….Gross…How About Localism?

Globalism Versus Nationalism….Gross…How About Localism?

An Alternative view for folks who are tired of running on the Hamster wheel.

Become Independent from the SYSTEM as possible.

LOCALISM is about building a community of LIKE MINDED people that you can rely on and work with when things get really tough.

A Key aspect of Localism is to keep your attention and focus on issues and challenges that are within your CONTROL and have a direct impact upon your life.

Localism is about Self-Sufficiency and De-centralization.






John says a lot of what I feel, yet he still thinks that the Global American Empire is worth fighting for. I don’t.

My opinion is that if Ukrainians want to be free, they will fight for their freedom. If they want to be Russian, then they will not fight as hard and be conquered. I pray that the men of Ukraine will fight hard to protect their women and children from another tribe, if they view the Russians as another tribe.

America does not have to be involved as we have our own fight against oppression which we are currently losing. If men like WPS want to make a difference in the world then first we must free ourselves from the current illegitimate regime which wants to murder babies and “end whiteness”. The idea that our woke Army can solve anything right now is a joke. Armies of men fear armies of women and trannies as much as an NFL team fears losing to a team of women…and everyone knows it. It doesn’t matter though. In the end, the blueprint against a superior force in ones own country is out there. The Taliban are still in control of Afghanistan. It is simple, fight for what you want to preserve or be conquered.

Fuck Putin, fuck Biden. What is going on 100 miles around you?

Man, it is so good to see my friend and True Brother in Arms from The Patrol Base Back Posting!

 Please keep it up Brother, we Need You!

My Little Armalite

My Little Armalite


There is no secret. The invaders get it. Antifa gets it. BLM gets it. They are true believers in their communist cause. The only people who don’t get it are heritage Americans whose pride gets in the way of the truth. You are losing because you are fat, content, comfortable, and afraid to give your all. Worst, Americans really don’t believe in anything except some vague narcissistic solipsism of only self and condition. Find your God again. Find your faith. Because that is the only way you will fight. Then fight any way you can. But just fight. Your foxhole (or home) will only be defended by your buddies foxhole (or home). Brothers, neighbors, countrymen, your will to fight, right now, when everything seems not worth it, is everything. Your culture depends on it. There is no fall back position. Raptor 2, out.




Lessons On Modern Urban Warfare

Lessons On Modern Urban Warfare


Excellent treatise on Modern Urban Warfare by Raptor 2.

I Highly recommend you guys take advantage of the Q&A Raptor 2 is offering! Pick his brain and Sharpen that edge.

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