A Retrenchment


One of the core goals of Southern Nationalism is effectively a retrenchment. What do I mean? No one on the political right is going to convince a leftist that they are wrong. You may get occasional cultural or religious epiphanies, such as a new mom suddenly realizing why abortion is wrong, but the goals of the left are framed in a twisted definition of moral high-ground. They deeply hate everything you believe because to them, your beliefs are immoral and “violent.” Thus, YOU are immoral and a threat. You must be eliminated.

You, the well intentioned White conservative, cannot do anything about this growing pool of the American public. They’ve been indoctrinated to hate you for decades. Any attempt to save them is hopeless. Consequently, the blue state leftists are not going to swing right. They will remain leftist and grow more leftwing.

Compounding this problem is the recognition that minority groups have their own interests and they are not your own. Hispanics, for example, may share some common beliefs with White conservatives, but they are not going to vote for positions that empower your people or even hold the status quo. Voting in Latin America has always been a zero sum game, whereby the political parties seek to permanently eliminate the other. Power sharing, as we had in the United States for centuries, is foreign to Hispanics. There is no interest in “working across the aisle.”

Meanwhile, blacks and Asians are on an anti-White revenge tour. Neither group is interested in working with you to achieve a better Anerica because they define a better America as one that does not include White people. The occasional “based black guy” is an anomaly. The Asian who smiles at you also harbors deep-seated resentments driven by a shame culture that was once subjugated by European peoples. This is why, despite the fact that most Democrat policies harm highly functioning Asian-Americans, Asians overwhelmingly vote for leftist political actors. Defeating Whites is the goal shared by both blacks and Asians, despite the fact that the parties hate each other.

The numbers simply do not favor conservative Whites in the United States as it is currently construed. The combination of far left Whites in primarily White northern states – from Oregon to Maine – coupled with Asians, blacks, and Hispanics who see Whites as competitors, is a dangerous position within which we find ourselves. Why remain in a union with White blue states that empower our racial or ethnic antagonists who happen to be closer to us than them?

Texas is overwhelmed with illegal Mestizos. Most Southern states have black populations that are double the national average. Asians are smaller in number, but they are growing – especially Southwest Asians (Indians, Pakis, etc) who statistically hate Whites more than any other racial or ethnic subcategory. Throughout the South, Pakistanis seem to be everywhere from Northern Virginia to Northern Georgia. The suburbs of D.C. and Atlanta (black cities) are surrounded by intelligent Asian enemies with an historical axe to grind. Their invitation was not at the behest of Billy from Alabama, but Bjorn from Minnesota – who happily invited his own Somali invasion into Minneapolis because diversity is Bjorn’s strength.

The South would be far better off as an independent Nation State confederacy. Let us handle the blacks without the federal government’s handcuffs, instituted at the behest of Connecticut. Let Texans take control of their border, as they once did prior to the influences of Massachusetts and Michigan. Let us control who should be invited into that confederacy instead of Washington bureaucrats working under the guidelines of Hart-Celler.

Let Southern Whites retrench among their own.

Walk away from this godless union that empowers our racial enemies.

We owe no allegiance to a people who hate us.

Regroup and retake everything – remaining within these United States provides us nothing.



More on the Houston Taqueria Shooting

Robin Hood Kills a Robber in the Hood


It’s a sad fact but in this day and age, but OPTICS, or how something looks, very often trump the bigger picture.

In the case of the shooting at the taqueria in southwest Houston, when you combine the FULL VIDEO (and not just a five second clip) along with the fact that the D.A. is a Soros funded far-lefty, it is highly likely our Armed Citizen is going to lose and spend some considerable  time in prison.

Why do I say this?

Putting aside the chicken shit facts the Prosecutor is more than likely going to point out like the perp did not have a real gun (OK, it looked real to the customers!) and that the perp “was trying to exit when he was shot” (Another BS fact), the really DAMNING evidence is that the Armed Citizen fired Nine rounds into the perp, five of which were fired when the perp was already down on the ground, including the ninth and final “coup de grace” close-range execution shot at 00:17.

Note: Delivering a close-range bullet to the head on video is NEVER going to help you in a Self-Defense shooting!

Always remember this when it comes to a Self-Defense Shooting: EVERY Bullet you fire will have a lawyer attached to it, so be prepared to answer for it!

Now tactically speaking just because somebody has been shot and is “on the ground” does not automatically remove the threat if they are still holding a weapon, especially if that weapon is a firearm.

Any lawyer worth his salt will be able to present that fact to a jury and defend it. However, all of that defense will be rendered null and void with the video of the close-range execution shot!

As if all of that was not enough to sink this Armed Citizen’s case, the Prosecutor being a Soros funded far-lefty is definitely not going to help!

As pointed out in this ARTICLE, the fact the case was sent to a Grand Jury proves the liberal bias already at work.

I am sincerely hoping this Armed Citizen is NO BILLED by the Grand Jury because he definitely did society a huge service taking this piece of ghetto repeat felon garbage off the street, but something tells me there is going to be problems with this one…all we can do is wait and see.




The Clown World Chronicles: Hero Customer Who Shot Armed Robber at Houston Taco Joint Ordered to Face Grand Jury by Soros-Funded D.A.

Hero Customer Who Shot Armed Robber at Houston Taco Joint Ordered to Face Grand Jury by Soros-Funded D.A.


It has reached the point in FUSA where it is not even shocking that we hear about a Soros subsidized Houston District Attorney (Kim Ogg) who released a hardened criminal back into society on a ridiculous bail amount and then that said criminal (who is 9 times out of 10 Black or Brown) goes on to commit some awful, heinous crime that typically results in the death of innocent people (Who are a majority of the time WHITE.)

What is really ATROCIOUS about this story is that this time an ARMED CITIZEN was in the right place at the right time to STOP this POS Dindu and now the CITIZEN is being treated like the CRIMINAL!

I was glad to read the Citizen has a lawyer and is proceeding with caution.

ALWAYS exercise your right to REMAIN SILENT until a lawyer is present.

Let’s all pray for a Grand Jury NO BILL so this fine Armed Citizen can get on with the rest of his life.




Let the Secession Begin: States Must Reclaim Immigration Laws

Let the Secession Begin: States Must Reclaim Immigration Laws.


The time is now for the states to embrace creative measures to tackle this existential crisis. They cannot rely on Republican leaders at the federal level to defend their interests. State action—featuring elected officials who are not as captured by special interests as their federal counterparts—must stop the deluge.

Pockets of the country have plenty of fight.

Immigration patriots simply can’t afford to wait for the federal government to stop the invasion.

It clearly won’t. A line must be drawn in the sand.

We must secure control of state and local governments to build autonomous immigration enforcement forces that challenge federal authority and do what neither Traitor Joe nor his predecessors have done: stop the invasion.

Join the Texas Nationalist Movement!




Your Tax Dollars At Work (Even In Texas)


Your Tax Dollars At Work (Even In Texas)


Some state bureaucratic ass-hats tried the same thing on me a few years ago.

Luckily, I had homesteaded my property and therefore was protected from having to do any “improvements” as long as my existing septic system was functional and stable.

Some of my friends were not so lucky. They had to install a new aerobic system for $6K out of their own pocket due to these new “Environmental Regulations” passed in Austin.

Environmental tyranny at it’s finest.

Listen folks, tyranny exist everywhere and in many forms, even in the great State of Texas!

The only advice I can give you is to Know the Law because tyrants feed on two things: IGNORANCE OF THE LAW and FEAR!

Domari Nolo.