Texas Lt. Gov. Patrick Voices Support for Closing ‘Loophole’ on Private Gun Sales

Every red blooded Texas Patriot reading this needs to click the link above and email the Lt. Governor and voice their opposition to closing the so-called “Loophole” on private Gun Sales.

It’s the age old question: Why is PUNISHING Law Abiding Citizens for the SOLE act of a mentally unstable criminal seem like reasonable ‘Gun Control?’

Prior to 1998, ALL Gun transfers were done without Government Oversight, so why is this suddenly the solution to all our problems?

This is nothing but impractical Knee Jerk Reaction Anti-Gun Politics and it must STOP NOW.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


H/T Breitbart.

Texans need to flood Lt. Governor Dan Patrick’s office opposition to his loophole solution to a nonexistence problem.  

Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick (R) told Fox News on Monday that the ability for strangers to sell guns to strangers without a background check is a “loophole” that needs to be addressed.

Patrick said it is an “issue” the National Rifle Association (NRA) should take up and “get behind the president.”

He told host Jon Scott:

I think one of the things, Jon, we have to do in this country is, take a strong look at this ability for people to buy a weapon when they’ve been turned down by a background check. … I believe, as a supporter of the 2nd Amendment, we should protect that family transfer or family sale. But any stranger-to-stranger, however — we don’t know how this person got their gun, but we do…

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Oh Those Crazy Texans ..

I’m Sharpening my Trench Hawk as we Speak! 😀😄😎

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Tomahawk-Toting About to be Legal in Texas

Next it will battle axes and broadswords!!

Now why can’t I do that also???

Well it doesn’t ‘specifically‘ say I can’t…

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Trump Administration on Target to Reach 30,000 Refugee Cap for the Year

Texas Tops the List as #1 State for Refugee Resettlement. Joy.🤬🖕

Frauds, Crooks and Criminals

There has been a lot of squawking from the refugee industry of late demanding admission of the full 30,000 refugees that the Trump Administration set as its ceiling for FY19, and it looks like they will get pretty close.

But, first a little housekeeping.  I am working on restoring Refugee Resettlement Watch but my helper has been very busy so it is taking longer than I had hoped.

In the meantime, I’ll bring you some refugee news here at Frauds and Crooks.  I have already been reporting some of the news about the refugee contractors*** demand for 95,000 refugees for the new fiscal year (FY2020 begins on October 1 of this year).

Today I’m updating numbers and nationalities of this year’s refugee crop.

Also, several readers at Facebook and some readers here tell me that yesterday’s post about those creeps who taunted an old white ladyin a Chicago…

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God Bless Texas!

Democrats’ Worst Nightmare – Texas Attempts A Rational Response To Mass Shooting: LOOSEN Gun Laws


Everybody raise your glass to State Sovereignty! smiley

It is time like these that I thank GOD I live in one of the GREATEST STATES in these United States…the Republic of Texas! smiley

When the Federal Government looks to be going off the rails in terms of flushing Constitutional 2A Rights and penalizing Law Abiding Citizens for the Actions of a few Wing-Nuts, My Home State is staying right on the Bullseye and Keeping LAWFUL CITIZENS ARMED so they can defend themselves against UNLAWFUL POS Crazy Criminals.👍

God Bless Texas! smiley

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Texas Deploys 1000 National Guard to the border

Enough cheap talk. Time for Action. Kudos Gov. Abbott!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

War Dog 6 Actual: Rumor Control

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Texas News: Hunting License No Longer Required to Kill Feral Pigs

Texas Reforms Feral Pig Law – No State License Required to Hunt

Governor Abbott is on a Pro-Liberty, Pro-Constitutional roll as of late!

Now let’s pass some Legislation with Teeth regarding the Illegal Alien Invasion of our State!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Texas News: Hundreds of Illegals from Ebola-Ridden Congo Arrive in Texas

Hundreds of Illegals from Ebola-Ridden Congo Arrive in Texas

It hurts my heart to say this, but San Antonio and Houston are well on their way to resembling liberal enclaves like Los Angeles in every way: Democ-RAT city leadership presiding over a disease and crime ridden third world sh*thole. smiley

Let’s stop this madness before it spreads and destroys one of the few States in the Union with a modicum of decency left.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!