Texas News: It’s a Central American Illegal Rodeo

Up to 200 Smuggled Illegals Run Out of 18-Wheeler Truck in Texas


This is one of those times you need a mini-gun mounted on your truck.

The only upside is they escaped into a sub-zero winter storm so maybe mother nature adjusted their numbers accordingly.

What an absolute sham.

At any rate there goes a few million of our Tax dollars on welfare subsidies so they can eat, have children and medical care on our dime.

America LAST, yeah that is exactly right Joe you fucking incompetent waste of space and air.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Real Texas News: Democrat Mayor of Texas Border Town Urgently Begs Joe Biden to Halt the Release of Illegal Aliens Into His City

Democrat Mayor of Texas Border Town Urgently Begs Joe Biden to Halt the Release of Illegal Aliens Into His City (VIDEO)


So the liberal beaners who help perpetrate election fraud here in TX to put China Joe in office are  now begging him not to flood their town with more illegals?

WTF is that?

Where I am from that is called STUPIDITY and no it cannot be fixed.

Also, I am confused. This “man” in this video sounds suspiciously like a woman to me, but hell that should not be surprising, it’s a woke liberal under 30, IT does not know what the hell it is!

More Examples of Urban Dwelling Texas Sheeple Depending on Somebody Else and Not Themselves…

Learn From This.

Don’t Be a Sheeple.

Prepare Now or Embrace the Suck Later.

Rolling Blackouts in Texas are Just Another Example of Why Self-Sufficiency and not Government Dependence Should be the Name of the Game


I have been hearing a lot of back and forth blame gaming by both liberals and conservatives about the rolling Texas Black-outs currently being done to meet the high demand for power during this unprecedented winter storm. One side says it’s because of bad energy policy that leans too heavily on “Green” energy and the other side says it’s because of too much dependence on fossil fuels.

Actually, the truth is neither of these.

The truth as to why these black out are having to occur can be essentially summed up in two words: BUREAUCRATIC INNEFFICIENCY.

My take as a fellow Texan and person currently living through this mess is as follows:

If you are depending on ANYONE else beside yourself (including any Government agency, liberal or conservative led) for your health and well being, you are living in a fantasy land and placing yourself behind the eight ball willingly.

Self-Sufficiency is the name of the game if you want to survive and thrive. If you’re not Prepping now for the next disaster, I suggest you begin before it’s too late. Prepping is not just a trendy thing to do anymore, it’s a mindset and culture.

A little pre-thought and planning goes a long way in situations like this and can be the difference not just in being comfortable or uncomfortable but actually between life and death!

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!


Texas News: Case of Mistaken Identity Leads to the Suspension of Texas Teacher’s CCL

Texas teacher’s license to carry suspended in case of mistaken identity with U.S. Capitol riot suspect

Between this and red flag laws the pathway is cleared and open to DISARM the non-compliant dissenters.

The alternative?

Become an Outlaw, which is where all this has been heading for years anyway.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!