Texas is Doing The Job The Govt. Won’t

Abbott: $500M OK’d For Border, 240K Illegals Caught


I applaud the efforts of Governor Abbott but I don’t think this is a sustainable model and the Globo-Homo cabal knows it.

I think the next step should be complete seccession and the formation of a New Confederacy of Southern States willing to join resources to secure the Southern Border with FORCE.

It’s the only viable solution to a Federal Government that obviously does not care for the Safety of it’s CITIZENS and takes pride in running amok and contrary to the Constitution of the United States.

Domari Nolo.



Article of the Week: Debit Cards For Illegals – How You Pay To Bring Illegal Migrants To The United States

Debit Cards For Illegals – How You Pay To Bring Illegal Migrants To The United States


One of the ways the United States aids illegal migration is through funding of United Nations programs administered by the International Organization for Migration (IOM).

IOM runs camps and helps migrants move north. It also hands out debit cards paid for by American taxpayers to migrants.

FUSA Bulletin: America’s Coup De Grace

Even Without Lifting Title 42 Expulsions, The Border Is Still Under Siege


Each day in March, border agents dealt with 7,000 illegals every day.

Using that rough figure because border data for March are as yet unpublished, we can predict a monthly total of illegals of about 217,000.

Added to the illegals apprehended thus far, fiscal 2022’s total is more than 1 million, just six months into the year.

Since February 2021 then, Biden’s first full month in office, agents have dealt with 2.44 million illegals. Extrapolating from there is mind boggling: 3.5 million by the close of fiscal 2022 on September 30.

Biden has released between 35 and 40 percent per month, almost 320,000 since October 1. Double the figure to at least 640,000 if he keeps that up.

And now he wants to stop Title 41 expulsions?


Texas News: Governor Threatens to Bus Illegals to D.C.

Gov. Abbott threatens to bus ‘large number of migrants’ to Washington D.C.


Kudos to Governor Abbott for throwing this illegal immigration shit sandwich right back in Biden’s face.

Let’s see how he likes it with thousands of illegals shitting and pissing on the Capital steps and raising the D.C. crime rate even higher.

Fuck You Joe Biden.



Lock and Load

Texas Dept. of Public Safety: ‘This Year’s Going to Be Catastrophic’ on the Border and Worse Than 2021


He added, “And that goes to show you that there’s no plan or strategy from the federal government or even intentions to take care of the current border situation and to protect Americans from what’s taking place right now.”

There’s really not much else to say on this matter folks.

It’s Obvious The Federal Government Gangsters are intent on letting an army of brown and black third world criminal migrants destabilize this country to the point of no return.

Arm Yourself and Make No Apologies for Defending Your Family and Homestead.