Master Baiting

Master Baiting


The fundamental problem facing art museums in the Age of George Floyd is that history’s designated bad guys—white men—produced vastly more of history’s best art than did the official good guys, such as blacks and New World Indians.



The Future of Floydism

The Future of Floydism


“America’s biggest criminal justice problem is not police brutality, it’s black brutality.”

Prepare Accordingly.

The Week That Perished

The Week That Perished


They should have titled this article “A Stroll down the Memory lane of Racial Wokeness, aka Anti-Whiteness” but oh well, even though I spent most my time shaking my head in disgust while reading it, it’s still a really entertaining read all the same.

Ten Days into 2021 and I am not holding my breath this year is going to be much of an improvement dear readers. 🤢

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