Field Medicine: How to Suture – DIY Guide to Wound Closure Methods



If there is one area of Preparation that most martial citizens neglect it is trauma medicine. In the coming days of unpleasantness, medical care know how and medical supplies will be a premium asset.

I highly recommend you take some classes from seasoned pro’s like Stuck Pig Medical or Lone Star Medics.

Prepare Accordingly.


Tactical Medicine: Hemorrhage Control about Pressure, Not Absorption

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!

Medical Kits 101: The Home Bag

We begin yet another series of articles, the goal of which is to guide you through the process of building various medical aid kits intentionally designed for differing environments and situations,…

Source: Medical Kits 101: The Home Bag

Practical Tactical: Selecting Your Everyday Carry Tourniquet

Buyer Beware: Selecting Your Everyday Carry Tourniquet

Common sense dictates that in today’s violent society it is only sensible to carry either on your person or in your vehicle methods of treating traumatic bleeding (hemorrhaging) from either gunshot wounds or stabbings. Quickclot trauma packs and C-A-T Tourniquets can be found in all my vehicles and BUG/GO Bags.

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Anarchist Medicine

Meet the Anarchists Making Their Own Medicine

I like reading articles like this because it has so many possibilities for practical use, particularly in a survival/ SHTF situation. As martial civilians, we need to start learning how to think out of the box on every level and STOP depending on conventional society to fulfill our basic needs.

Stay Alert, Armed and Dangerous!