Examining Terrorist Tactics: Flying IED’s



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It’s a bird, its’ a plane, no it’s a friggin drone with a block of C4 hooked to a cell phone! Run!

With all new technology comes the possibility of it being weaponized and used for either for good or evil.

Since the drone in the article was “booby-trapped” and not rigged to explode in air or at a certain location, but only after being “tampered” with, that tells me the hadji’s are still experimenting with how best to use these to create mass casualties.

Although this is pure speculation, right now, the possibility exist for terrorist to use use something like this on American soil at an open air concert or football game where you have large groups of people gathered together OUTSIDE.

But as the article states, with Counter-Drone tech being a huge growth sector right now, I foresee some fairly easy technical and practical fixes to keep these pesky flying bombs away from both our soldiers and civilians alike.

Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Fighting ISIS

Although Vice is known to be a liberal hand puppet, they do make some very good War Documentaries and go where other journalist are afraid to. Ultimately, you have to separate the bias from the facts and move on.

This is the full length 47 minute Documentary called “Fighting ISIS”  that aired on HBO last week.

With San Bernardino, Orlando and now the recent stabbing incident in Virginia, we need to be vigilant and understand the ISIS threat is no longer just in Iraq and Syria.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!


International Military News: The Russian Hind Mi-25 Gunship in Syria…The Devils Chariot Reigns Down Terror Once Again


For three weeks starting in early June 2016, the Damascus suburb of Darayya was exposed to merciless aerial bombardment carried out primarily by Mil Mi-25 — NATO code name “Hind” — gunship helicopters belonging to the Syrian Arab Air Force.

The Hinds dropped no fewer than 564 bombs over this period, underscoring the Mi-25’s reputation as one of Syria’s worst terror weapons.

The Mi-25 is often described as a “downgraded” variant of the classic Mi-24 gunship. It’s a big, heavy, fast and heavily-armed helicopter with armor protecting its cockpit and the most important parts of its engines.

Its major characteristics include its small stub wings, relatively slender fuselage and two separate cockpits in front of a big main cabin.

The major difference between the Mi-24 and the Mi-25 is that the latter is armed with four old, 9M17 Skorpion guided anti-tank missiles, known to NATO as AT-2 Swatters. The AT-2 is a radio-commanded anti-tank missile with a range of 3,500 meters that can reportedly penetrate up to 500 millimeters of armor.

While AT-2s are still in use in Syria, the Mi-25s’ primary armament consists of the Yak-B 12.7-millimeter machine gun that’s installed in a barbette under the front cockpit, plus up to four UB-32–57 pods for 57-millimeter unguided rockets or various bombs up to 500 kilograms in weight, for a maximum total of 2,000 kilograms.

According to official claims from Damascus — frequently cited in the Russian press — the Syrian Arab Air Force received its first batch of 12 Mi-25 helicopter gunships just in time for the Israeli invasion of Lebanon in June 1982.

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