Cache is King: How to Store Weapons and Non-Electronic Equipment for the Long Term

Cache is King: How to Store Weapons and Non-Electronic Equipment for the Long Term


My advice to newcomers is to start SMALL and go SLOW. Don’t overwhelm yourself!

There is TONS of good information out there, so study up.

Most importantly, invest in a GPS unit and record the location your caches! (In an encrypted file or ledger!)



Bushcraft: Vikings Used a Gross Survival Firestarter: Here’s How to Make It

Vikings Used a Gross Survival Firestarter. Here’s How to Make It

You have to admire the practicality and ruggedness of our European ancestors: All they needed was some fungus and some boiled piss and they had FIRE!

Don’t discount this article! When you understand the chemistry involved it is ingenius!


How Long Does a Ferro Rod Last?

How Long Does a Ferro Rod Last?


When was the last time you practiced starting a fire FROM SCRATCH with just a Ferro Rod, striker and some tinder?

A good Ferro Rod and Striker, like this one from County-Comm, is worth it’s weight in gold.

I also keep a sandwich bag full of dryer fluff (that stuff on your dryer filter) stuffed inside a couple of cardboard toilet paper rolls for tinder in my GO-Bag. If available, it’s also smart to keep some lighter pine handy with your tinder.

Evasion Hide Site – Survive and Get Rescued


Hide sites are an integral part of the Guerilla’s battle plan and have many valuable uses besides Evasion.

Strategically placed material hide sites for example.

Study Up and Train Hard.


Texas News: Backdoor Threats to the Powergrid



Definitely read and share the article linked above!

This is 4GW 101 folks!

Winter 2021 Could be Catastrophic!

Plan and Prepare Accordingly!