Biden Turns ‘War on Terror’ Tactics on Americans After Capitol Riot

Biden Turns ‘War on Terror’ Tactics on Americans After Capitol Riot


So just so you understand, so-called “White Supremacist” are now the #1 Domestic Terrorist threat not the actual islamic terrorist Biden and his ilk are letting into this country by the thousands every day via the refugee resettlement plan.

It’s Clown World 2021.

Prepare Accordingly.


The Surveillance State: DIVA Software

From the Archives, 2016.

When Martial Law begins steam-rolling in these larger cities across the CONUS, this is just one of the tools Uncle Sam will unleash to either arrest or plant “protesters” (ie Domestic Terrorist).

Considering how technology like this grows and sharpens itself exponentially, it would behoove the martial citizen to consider how something like this can be abused and in turn, circumvented when the time comes.


The program is called Deep Intermodal Video Analytics—or DIVA—and it seeks to locate shooters and terrorists before they strike.

The intelligence community is working on amping up people-recognition power to spot, in live videos, shooters and potential terrorists before they have a chance to attack.

Part of the problem with current video surveillance techniques is the difficulty of recognizing objects and people, simultaneously, in real-time.

But Deep Intermodal Video Analytics, or DIVA, a research project out of the Office of the Director of National Intelligence, will attempt to automatically detect suspicious activities, with the help of live video pouring in through multiple camera feeds.

ODNI’s Intelligence Advanced Research Projects Agency is gathering academics and private sector experts for a July 12 “Proposers’ Day,” in anticipation of releasing a work solicitation.

“The DIVA program will produce a common framework and software prototype for activity detection, person/object detection and recognition across a multicamera network,”IARPA officials said in a synopsis of the project published June 3. “The impact will be the development of tools for forensic analysis, as well as real-time alerting for user-defined threat scenarios.”

In other words, the tech would scour incoming video surveillance and body-camera imagery from areas of interest for people and objects who could present a threat, or individuals and items that might have been involved in a past crime.

This is the type of video-recognition system that might have been used for identifying would-be suicide bombers before the Paris and Brussels attacks, some video analytics experts say.

Privacy laws in the United States and Europe differ, so it is unclear whether such activity-recognition software would have been legal to use on video around the time of the 2013 Boston Marathon bombings. Nextgov has contacted ODNI for comment.

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Surveillance State: Now Cops are Getting Military Grade Spy Gear?



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You always have to take articles like this with a grain of salt IMO. Always consider the source and their history!

Having said that, this is a bit disconcerting seeing that a large number Police and Sheriff agencies across the U.S. are already employing technology like the Stingray on a regular basis, and not just for big drug or murder cases either!

The prolific use of the stingray by Law Enforcement seriously skirts the legality of the fourth amendment if you ask me, but hey, the Constitution and Bill of Rights are SERIOUSLY trampled on every day and only a FEW folks raise a fuss, so why wouldn’t BIG BROTHER and their armed minions try to use it illegally?

Stay Alert Folks, the times they are a changin’ and not for the better.

Surveillance State: SIM Card Tracking


Thailand plans to TRACK all tourists using a special SIM card 

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Voluntary tracking? Don’t see this working too well. It is kinda like agreeing to a voluntary ankle bracelet.

Next will be a mandatory rice grain sized tracker they insert under your skin, kinda like the ones they are already using in the military to track “medical data”. When that happens, all the smart people will decide to “opt out” of this technology kinda like people are currently deciding to “opt out” of mandatory inoculations. When that happens people will start be put in jail for exercising their right to choose and then a mass rebellion will begin, hopefully.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!

Surveillance State: Understanding the Stingray


What Is the Big Secret Surrounding Stingray Surveillance?

FBI’s stingray quickly found suspect after local cops’ device couldn’t

Stingray documents offer rare insight into police and FBI surveillance

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Here are three articles I found that you guys need to read to understand how this technology is being used, and at times, abused by Law Enforcement.


Stay Alert, Stay Armed and Stay Dangerous!